The Bookworm’s Haven

Riddle me this, Batman…. What kind of worm feeds on pages and emerges with a new personality post meal? -10 if you say woodworms(Why?) +1000……∞ if you say bookworms:) Hehe…. As the saying goes, the world belongs to those who read and in order to grasp the world(or even millions of them because of the multiverse) one needs to simply grab a box and stuff … Continue reading The Bookworm’s Haven

A Lot Like Christmas!

And it’s that time of the year again….the season of joy and peace and hot chocolate. Christmas brings with it a lot of good stuff, apart from Santa’s presents. There’s the cold weather for starters, followed by entire cities donning beautiful decorations incorporating all the elements of winter and really getting into the holiday spirit. This year, my city of Pune really got back into … Continue reading A Lot Like Christmas!

Baking Up A Storm ft. Pune City-2

Last week, I took ye folks on a stroll among some of Pune’s oldest bakeries which brought home the idea that old is indeed gold. However, with the dawn of a new week, we’re going to move to some of the newer bakeries that form a grand part of Pune’s ‘Bakery Storm’. Reminisces of the old bakeries are available here. And without further ado, let’s … Continue reading Baking Up A Storm ft. Pune City-2

Baking Up A Storm ft. Pune City-1

As a wise man once said, ‘Baking, is love made edible.’ The city of Pune is no novice to the said edible love owing to its treasury of bakeries and in this two-part blog, Imma take ya to some of the most iconic bakeries in the city and bake up a culinary storm. Disclaimer: The blogger of this blog is not responsible for untimely pangs … Continue reading Baking Up A Storm ft. Pune City-1

The Heart of Pune

The city of Pune is a lot like a rotating spectrum wheel that one sees in a science class. The various colours of the wheel represent all the things that the city stands for, namely its history, its trendy lifestyle, the rich culture and tradition and its fast, bustling environment. And when this wheel rotates and you look at the centre, you see all these … Continue reading The Heart of Pune

Lightin’ in up ft. Pune City

As Dumbledore once said: “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” And that is Diwali, explained in a nutshell. The festival of lights is my favourite holiday, one of the main reasons being that the festival has an amazing build-up, an equally fantastic main-day and an immensely satisfying end. I love how every city … Continue reading Lightin’ in up ft. Pune City

The Monsoon Getaway- Part 3

TLC once said, ‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the rivers and lakes….’ But when the river is damned and the lake stays in the same spot, one cannot simply watch the waterfalls cascading without a proper chase. The city of Lonavala is one such place. The river has a dam(hence damned:)) and the lake is a pretty spot among the trees so once … Continue reading The Monsoon Getaway- Part 3