The Beginner’s Guide to Big Beginnings

Now say that five times fast…. Is not an opening line that many writers will prefer using. hehe…. Is also not an apt opening line so here goes absolutely nothing…. Welcome to my Ted talk….. Is perhaps the best I can come up with as far as opening lines go. When it comes to an opening line, writers feel that it should set a tone, … Continue reading The Beginner’s Guide to Big Beginnings

Book Review: Red Eyes

If your girl, with eyes like flames, likes to climb trees and make you read minds, then that’s not your girl. That’s a scene from Red Eyes by Varsha Seshan. Right. That joke is guaranteed to make you cry till your own eyes turn red, but the book is one that has it all. It’s got emotion, it’s got suspense, it’s got thrill, it’s got … Continue reading Book Review: Red Eyes

The Bookworm’s Haven

Riddle me this, Batman…. What kind of worm feeds on pages and emerges with a new personality post meal? -10 if you say woodworms(Why?) +1000……∞ if you say bookworms:) Hehe…. As the saying goes, the world belongs to those who read and in order to grasp the world(or even millions of them because of the multiverse) one needs to simply grab a box and stuff … Continue reading The Bookworm’s Haven

Halloween Havens of India

‘Light as a feather, stiff as a board. One wrong step, and you’ll end up a toad.’ Hehe. Talk of twisting quotes to one’s whim. But hey, it’s spooky season. Things tend to twist around a bit. So without further a-boo(‘ado’ in its spooky version), here’s presenting an absolute rollercoaster of spooks, as told by people with experience. Destination: India. Now, in India, Halloween is a rather nascent trend. … Continue reading Halloween Havens of India


Hi, I’m Samiksha A.K.A spertlongmanukblog on WordPress. Today, I’m gonna reveal the BIGGEST SECRET EVER. It’s time for a revelation!! So put on your seat belts and hold on tight cause we’re plunging into apocalypse. Ah!!!! Don’t worry, just kidding. What I’m going to reveal to all of you is the story behind my URL name spertlongmanukblog. To do this, I have to make another … Continue reading Revelations!!!