Travelogue 6: Edinburgh

I literally just felt like doing that. MEL GIBSON, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!!! FREEDOM!!!!! Right. There’s something strange, in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call?! GHOSTBUSTERS!!!! And that’s because we are going on the…. What it needs is a damn good telling! Alright, alright, alright…. Story Time! The moment I landed in Edinburgh, I was in the mood to go all Dora the Explorer! This pamphlet … Continue reading Travelogue 6: Edinburgh

Travelogue 5: Musei Capitolini(Rome)

If you’re under the impression that I’m going to bore the living daylights out of you by going on and on about a museum, then you’ve definitely been stared at by Medusa, my cover gal. I mean seriously, why would you be under a rock otherwise???? Hehe. Having nailed it, here’s presenting…. ROMA AT A STANDSTILL….   Musei Capitolini | Piazza del Campidoglio  OPEN EVERY DAY … Continue reading Travelogue 5: Musei Capitolini(Rome)

Da Nang(random finale!!!!)

So, this one’s for those of you looking for inner peace. Like yoga and stuff. Maybe attaining Nirvana along the way, yeah? Well, you’re in luck cause I’m about to to acquaint you with my friend, THE LADY BUDDHA!!!!! DRUMROLL….. She’s that towering white figure. Don’t worry, she’ll warm up eventually. She’s just a bit shy. What with all the screaming paparazzi, one tends to find … Continue reading Da Nang(random finale!!!!)

Travelogue 4: Da Nang 1

BANANA!!!! Ok, that was random but what would anyone have written about Ba Na Hills????….Probably just ‘Ba Na Hills’.  The world does not deserve me.(*sob, sob*) That bridge got HANDS…. Or do the hands have a bridge? Ok, but we’re talking about a really patient dude here. I mean, whoever’s hands they are never had the urge to crack their knuckles?! Keep goin’ mate, you … Continue reading Travelogue 4: Da Nang 1

Travelogue 3: Pisa

Pisa is the birthplace of pizza. JK!!!! Oh look, you see the little bell tower back there? It leans. Alright, alright, alright…..History lesson! The domed structure is where Galileo was baptised. The house like building behind that is the cathedral where the same bloke invented the pendulum. Here is the chandelier that inspired him! Galileo figaro!!!!Magnifico!!!! That is Bohemian Rhapsody….. End of History Lesson. Alright, alright, … Continue reading Travelogue 3: Pisa

Travelogue 2: Istanbul

So there’s this door. It opens to two….CONTINENTS!!!! WELCOME TO ISTANBUL….. Like I said, it’s a door….KNOCK KNOCK! I AM…. CHILLING OUT. DOSSO DOSSI HOTEL: WHERE YOU GET BROCCOLI SOUP. OUR HOTEL.   Let’s have some respect, shall we? These kebabs rule…   And I see chips here so….yeah. FIT FOR A SULTAN!!!! #DERALIYEISTANBUL BONUS PERK: All the guys here look like Daniel Radcliffe!!!! #DanForever Hehe. Just felt … Continue reading Travelogue 2: Istanbul

Santorini: Part 3(FINALE!!!!)

Now we gonna be exploring….DORA THE EXPLORER!!!! Do you see Swiper the Fox???? SWIPER. NO. SWIPING!!! Ok, back to Santorini, leggo! The Maze to Fira Town I walk an empty street; On the boulevard of broken dreams….Hehe.  OUR HOTEL!!!! Come out of Amerisa Suites & take a right, after which, Google Maps to the rescue.  < This might be a helpful landmark….There are six more in … Continue reading Santorini: Part 3(FINALE!!!!)

Santorini: Part 2

P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L.I.T.I.E.S. Meaning people. Meaning Humans. Meaning Idiots. Just Kidding!!!! Or am I? Ain’t no place without them! So, without further ado, here are the hoomans of Santorini! After this discourse, we can decide whether we be idiots or no, ok? NUMBER 1: Lady in the restaurant @ Fira The first thing that I should tell you is that I’m a Pisces, which means fish. Therefore, … Continue reading Santorini: Part 2

Travelogue 1: Santorini

If anyone of you out there even implies thinking that I’m out travelling the world at this juncture, you are clearly unhinged! I’m serious. Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, travel has become a taboo among people. Which is scary, considering many of us actually had travelling round the world in our bucket lists. So till the madness ends, and we are all able to get … Continue reading Travelogue 1: Santorini