Hi, I’m Samiksha! Welcome to my blog.

Treasury, as I call it, is home to multiple experiences gained in my eighteen years on the planet. I mainly write about my travels in different formats such as:

  1. Overview travelogues about the cities and towns that I’ve visited.
  2. Full accounts of specific attractions(museums, ghost tours, amusement parks etc.) in each place of travel.
  3. Photoblogs with different themes like waterbodies, window seat photography, sunsets etc.
  4. Postcards which include unique shots from my travels
  5. And finally, city blogs which include full accounts of the fun and interesting elements of my home city of Pune and its various surrounding towns.

Apart from this, I occasionally take up a theme which could be a popular trope, such as ‘the quiet kid trope’ or a certain moral like ‘good versus evil’, a human quality or a specific category such as ‘Mums’ or ‘Dads’ and explain it by going into the world of fiction. I love discussing books and movies and dissecting each character and quality portrayed in them. I feel that the fictional world has a lot to teach us and it does so without judgement hence I use some of my interpretations of fiction and put it on my blog.

My third topic of interest on my blog is writing about the band, Queen. I’m a die hard fan and I do make a post on any special occasion concerning the band such as a member’s birthday or an important milestone in their career. I feel that the band is unique in so many ways, right from their lyrics to their persona as well as the legacy left behind by their lead singer Freddie Mercury. My posts on them are a way to spread the message that the show must go on, always.

Finally, this blog is home to my extraordinarily silly sense of humour and I love making one-liners in my posts, followed by a ‘hehe’. I’m proud to say that laughter is a medicine I regularly consume and that it does keep the doctor away. No offence to them apples.


With this, Imma wrap up my ‘About’ page.


P.S. I always end my posts in a word of ‘goodbye’ in another language.