Hitting the Streets ft. Pune City-1

When we say that something belongs on the streets, we don’t necessarily mean it as a complement but when you come to the city of Pune, the streets are where the good food is so if anyone here told me that I belong on the streets, I’d just walk out and have a gourmet fantasy…. hehe…. That joke belongs to the streets…. The city of … Continue reading Hitting the Streets ft. Pune City-1

The Culinary Angle-Uni Style 2

Before I begin, here’s a wee riddle for ya: Why did Genoise get disqualified at a beauty pageant? It’s cause her make-up was too cakey….. Hehehehehe…. When life gives people lemons, they throw them at me after I crack a joke…. Hehehehe…. In the last post, I began telling you how Uni life is a Snickers ad personified and what else one eats other than … Continue reading The Culinary Angle-Uni Style 2

The Culinary Angle: Uni style-1

University life brings with it a lot of feelings and amidst the strong contenders of overwhelm, homesickness, freedom, happiness, stress etc. the biggest feeling is that of hunger. Honestly, the amount of hunger pangs one gets in uni is insane. It’s like, you eat a full blown meal for lunch and in ten minutes flat, you’re hungry for a snack and after another fifteen minutes, … Continue reading The Culinary Angle: Uni style-1

The Picnic Post

One of the things that I pride myself on is my ability to spell but when it comes to the word that stands for “an occasion when people pack a meal and take it to eat outdoors, especially in the countryside”, I always find my myself tongue-tied. Hence the Oxford English Dictionary definition. hehe…. Ever since I can remember, I always pronounce the word ‘Picnic’ … Continue reading The Picnic Post

Baking Up A Storm ft. Pune City-2

Last week, I took ye folks on a stroll among some of Pune’s oldest bakeries which brought home the idea that old is indeed gold. However, with the dawn of a new week, we’re going to move to some of the newer bakeries that form a grand part of Pune’s ‘Bakery Storm’. Reminisces of the old bakeries are available here. And without further ado, let’s … Continue reading Baking Up A Storm ft. Pune City-2

Baking Up A Storm ft. Pune City-1

As a wise man once said, ‘Baking, is love made edible.’ The city of Pune is no novice to the said edible love owing to its treasury of bakeries and in this two-part blog, Imma take ya to some of the most iconic bakeries in the city and bake up a culinary storm. Disclaimer: The blogger of this blog is not responsible for untimely pangs … Continue reading Baking Up A Storm ft. Pune City-1

Flora, Fauna and Merry Weather

When it comes to popular natural terrain in India, plateaux are no novice to the spotlight. The Kaas Plateau, located in the Satara district of the state of Maharashtra is one of the most popular of the above plateaux, complete with the designation of a UNESCO Natural Heritage. The plateau is mainly known for its natural floral cover during the rainy season of India i.e … Continue reading Flora, Fauna and Merry Weather

The Monsoon Getaway- Part 3

TLC once said, ‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the rivers and lakes….’ But when the river is damned and the lake stays in the same spot, one cannot simply watch the waterfalls cascading without a proper chase. The city of Lonavala is one such place. The river has a dam(hence damned:)) and the lake is a pretty spot among the trees so once … Continue reading The Monsoon Getaway- Part 3