The Bookworm’s Haven

Riddle me this, Batman…. What kind of worm feeds on pages and emerges with a new personality post meal? -10 if you say woodworms(Why?) +1000……∞ if you say bookworms:) Hehe…. As the saying goes, the world belongs to those who read and in order to grasp the world(or even millions of them because of the multiverse) one needs to simply grab a box and stuff … Continue reading The Bookworm’s Haven

Hitting the Streets ft. Pune City-1

When we say that something belongs on the streets, we don’t necessarily mean it as a complement but when you come to the city of Pune, the streets are where the good food is so if anyone here told me that I belong on the streets, I’d just walk out and have a gourmet fantasy…. hehe…. That joke belongs to the streets…. The city of … Continue reading Hitting the Streets ft. Pune City-1

The Culinary Angle-Uni Style 2

Before I begin, here’s a wee riddle for ya: Why did Genoise get disqualified at a beauty pageant? It’s cause her make-up was too cakey….. Hehehehehe…. When life gives people lemons, they throw them at me after I crack a joke…. Hehehehe…. In the last post, I began telling you how Uni life is a Snickers ad personified and what else one eats other than … Continue reading The Culinary Angle-Uni Style 2

The Culinary Angle: Uni style-1

University life brings with it a lot of feelings and amidst the strong contenders of overwhelm, homesickness, freedom, happiness, stress etc. the biggest feeling is that of hunger. Honestly, the amount of hunger pangs one gets in uni is insane. It’s like, you eat a full blown meal for lunch and in ten minutes flat, you’re hungry for a snack and after another fifteen minutes, … Continue reading The Culinary Angle: Uni style-1

The Feline Photoshoot

Charles Dickens once said: “What greater gift than the love of a cat?” Truer words have never been uttered. Having a cat as a part of your family is a full blown ride. I adopted a cat on the fifth of February this year and since then, there’s never a dull moment in the house. My cat is called ‘Fish'(yeah, I named him…..) and he … Continue reading The Feline Photoshoot

The Picnic Post

One of the things that I pride myself on is my ability to spell but when it comes to the word that stands for “an occasion when people pack a meal and take it to eat outdoors, especially in the countryside”, I always find my myself tongue-tied. Hence the Oxford English Dictionary definition. hehe…. Ever since I can remember, I always pronounce the word ‘Picnic’ … Continue reading The Picnic Post

The Postcard Made of Dreams

The city of Mumbai is associated with many things; Insane rush hour, traffic, big buildings, Bollywood and the list goes on. However, the city of dreams has a beautiful side to it amidst all this madness. In this blog, we’re gonna look at some of the most unique and iconic sights in Mumbai, once upon a dream. This is the panoramic shot of the Bandra-Worli … Continue reading The Postcard Made of Dreams