The Italian Postcard

Here’s a neat quote that I came across: Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life. Honestly, Italy made its way into my dreams after watching ‘Gladiator’ and studying about the Roman Empire in school and when I actually visited the country, especially the city of Rome, the magnitude of the glorious empire mingled with the influence of the Renaissance … Continue reading The Italian Postcard

The Maggi Hotspot, Pune

With overseas travel halted owing to the pandemic, I found myself exploring parts of my own city, either by foot or by short city drives. In all these small ‘escapades’, I discovered certain places that made me realise that despite being born and raised in Pune for nearly eighteen years, there is so much that is overlooked in the hustle of daily commute. Some of … Continue reading The Maggi Hotspot, Pune

The Strawberry Getaway

Sometimes, one has just gotta keep calm and…. Road trips are often the most memorable ones as it allows a complete assimilation of the journey as it shows the gradual change in surroundings as one approaches a new place and gives a great deal of satisfaction when it comes to the feeling of wanderlust. Honestly, after a long travel hiatus courtesy the pandemic, the idea … Continue reading The Strawberry Getaway


There are two kinds of travellers in the world. You’ve got the kind of travellers that are all set with just a backpack but then there’s me. It so happens that I absolutely LOVE travelling heavy. It’s like Rose from Titanic when she grew old, how she travelled across the world literally carrying her entire house with her, that right there is my spirit animal … Continue reading Keepsakes:Mediterranean

The Hanoi Heist

When our family decided to go to Vietnam for the summer holidays, the decision was literally taken based on a dart board on the globe. Well, metaphorically cause the darts I own are magnetic. Hehe. Considering the choice was an adventurous one, we decided to begin at the capital aka Hanoi. We were met by a guide at the airport, a bloke named Henry and … Continue reading The Hanoi Heist

The Quiet Kids Inc.

‘Listen to silence; It has so much to say.’ Silence is often a misunderstood virtue. There are so many ways one can actually interpret the presence of silence but the very absence of ‘expression’ often leads to misinterpretation. While many think that silence is a sign of peace and maturity, there is a huge percentage of folks who see silence as a sign of weakness. … Continue reading The Quiet Kids Inc.

The H2O Photobomb

Water. It is the element that carries the essence of life, the source upon which great civilisations have thrived while others have succumbed to its fury. It is the very prototype of the blue planet, gaining a huge wave of popularity as an essential photographic tool for no picture ever, is complete without a drop of water. Unless you’re on Saturn, in which case a … Continue reading The H2O Photobomb

The Sports Tour Travelogue

Touring for an activity, be it sports, music or business often leads one to the most curious places in the world. Though these travels are not specifically for leisure, they make for some very memorable experiences as the adventures on these trips mostly come as a surprise in the midst of a pre-occupied state of mind owing to the intended activity of the tour. I … Continue reading The Sports Tour Travelogue