Frangipani Diaries

Gardens are one of the most symbolic creations to exist. Shakespeare often saw gardens as a place where romance, forbidden or not, flourished. Frances Burnett depicted gardens to be symbols of faith and good health. Agatha Christie, however, decided that a garden was the ideal spot to hide a dead body and cover up a murder. hehe…. India has quite a treasury, when it comes … Continue reading Frangipani Diaries

Miscellaneous Mumbai Mayhem

Who has two thumbs and is bad at alliterations? This blogger! Now, who doesn’t have thumbs and is, in fact very good at repetitions? The city of Mumbai, because it repeatedly blows my mind. Incoming tomatoes, on repeat…. hehe…. When it comes to the city of dreams, one trip is not enough and with each new visit, one discovers a new part or aspect of … Continue reading Miscellaneous Mumbai Mayhem

Theme Park Mayhem ft. Imagicaa

Let’s tingle our braincells before we get on with the thrills. What vehicle does a tea-cup use to travel? -50 if you say “A person’s hands” +100 if you say “A roller-coaster” +200 if your brains just had a free fall while reading that. Hehe…. In the previous blog, I spoke about the water park at Imagicaa. Ye lot can ride the waves here. In this … Continue reading Theme Park Mayhem ft. Imagicaa

The Culinary Angle: KL- Part Two

Before I begin, here’s a riddle for you: What do you get when a potato blow dries her roots? -10 if you say ‘A Hot Pot'(Why would you?) -50 if you say An Unstable Potato. +100 if you say A blanched potato…. Feel free to throw that potato at me….I’m not crying, you are. Hehe:) In my last rumbl ramblings, ramblings….about the culinary scene in … Continue reading The Culinary Angle: KL- Part Two

Wanderlust ft. KLCC

Wanderlust is defined as a strong longing for, or an impulse towards wandering. I, however, define the term as walking through the Suria KLCC mall. hehe…. When I first entered the Suria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, I saw a stall of Auntie Annie’s pretzels and a flea market and I remember thinking that this is so cute and petite. All my shopping confined to one … Continue reading Wanderlust ft. KLCC

The Culinary Angle: KL- Part One.

Before I begin tingling your tastebuds, here’s some food for thought…. As a person whose mood revolves around the nature of meals for the day, this quote hit me in all the right places and made me hungrier. Food is a universal love language. It sustains and manages to end the worst fights and enhances forgiveness. For more advantageous facts about food, visit www. … Continue reading The Culinary Angle: KL- Part One.

Genting Highlands (not a footwear brand:))

When I first heard the name “Genting Highlands”, I thought it was a footwear brand for gents. I mean, we’ve got a brand called Woodlands in India, so why not have Highlands, yeah? But then I saw a picture of Genting Highlands which showed a bloke on a roller coaster and it made me wonder if the shoes from this brand give you the same … Continue reading Genting Highlands (not a footwear brand:))

The Earth Day Blog

To kick off the Earth Day celebrations, here’s a question that stimulates contemplation: What international prize did the cat with butt implants win? -10 if you say a plastic trophy. +50 if you say a Global Cat-Ass-Trophy. The number of electronics destroyed as a result of that joke is catastrophic…. Hehe:) The Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years. In her long tenure, she’s … Continue reading The Earth Day Blog