Wanderlust ft. KLCC

Wanderlust is defined as a strong longing for, or an impulse towards wandering.

I, however, define the term as walking through the Suria KLCC mall.


When I first entered the Suria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, I saw a stall of Auntie Annie’s pretzels and a flea market and I remember thinking that this is so cute and petite. All my shopping confined to one lane:)

And then I looked up.

The Suria KLCC is not a mall, it’s a township. My latest trip to KL had me wandering solo in most places and one of my solo wandering hotspots was the KLCC mall and each time I went there, I didn’t see the same spot as last time.

The mall has multiple entrances and to make travelling fun, I entered through a different entrance each time I visited and by my third visit, I had a mild idea on how to get to a store that I was looking for.

Only to find a new entrance and landing up in a completely different part of the mall.

So, without further ado, Imma take ye lot on a stroll through the KLCC Mall. It will involve getting lost but it will also involve some beautiful and quirky sights that make the mall one of the most trendy places in the Malaysian capital.

Let’s glam this ride up!

This is the main entrance of the Suria KLCC mall, adjacent to one of the Petronas Twin Towers. It took me a while to realise that the mall is literally attached to the twin towers and it was something that I discovered while taking this picture because I was on the opposite side of the road and I could get a full view.

I love the vibe of the city coming alive for the night, here. The sun’s just set and the lights come on, bringing in teir golden glow. I also like the hidden tranquility in the midst of the metropolitan bustle, brought in by the cloudy sky and the towering Petronas building. It really makes me marvel at the ability of man to create artistic cities.

This is one of the first shops that I encountered on entering the mall.

Now, I’m a simple girl. I see plushies and I buy them.


This shop had a magnetic effect on me, drawing me towards its collection of soft toys when I discovered that it is actually a sweet shop and most of the toys are actually bags for the sweets.

That thrilled me even more because sweets only complement toys when it comes to my inner happiness.

The variety and the collection was absolutely mind blowing. They’ve got all sorts of local sweets, as well as some of the internationally known brands and the toys range from stuffed bears to those two sided octopuses with changing moods to Disney merch to the literal Teddy from Mr Bean:)

I have never really seen any toy shop sell Mr Bean’s Teddy and I was so glad to see it here, especially in such large numbers, stacked up on the pole. I did end up buying it and it’s one of the most unique souvenirs that I’ve brought home.

This is the Kinokuniya Book Store. It’s the one shop that I had to visit in KL because I needed to get my hands on this book called ‘Red Eyes’ by Varsha Seshan.

The book was a runner up in the Scholastic Asian Book Award and the author is one of my favourite people. Unfortunately, the book isn’t available in India so one of my main agendas on the trip to KL was to buy this book and I was so glad when I finally grabbed it from the stands.

It was like finding a treasure on a perilous quest.


The book is a middle grade thriller set in the forests of India. I did review the book on the blog, ye folks can read it here and if you’re ever in Malaysia or Singapore, make sure you get a copy because it is worth it!

The Kinokuniya Bookstore is huge and it’s especially a treasure house for children’s books. If I didn’t have gazillion other things on my KL bucket list, I’d probably have spent the whole trip in that shop.


Moving on, KLCC has some lovely photo-stops when it comes to window shopping.

Imma now show ye lot some of the shop windows in the mall and open all the doors of creativity!


Florals and Dinosaurs….Jo Malone knows what sells!

I love that the brand here is called Duck.

I mean, that sells itself and when they add Winnie the Pooh, that’s a business win:)

Winnie the Pooh is superior.


As I was walking past the TagHeuer store in KLCC, I was literally stopped in my tracks by Ryan Gosling judging me with a bloodied up visage.

Now, I’m no novice to intensity but I still don’t know what I did to get such behaviour from Ryan Gosling. I mean, slow down Ken, this Barbie is majorly eye-rolling.


No kidding, the ‘Gray Man’ collection from Tag looks really cinematic, especially with the glass reflections and the mall lights mirroring the whole set up.

I haven’t watched the movie though.

Perhaps that made Ryan Gosling mad?

Guess we’ll never know.

No mall is complete without a cinema and I happened to stroll through the lounge of the cinema at KLCC.

Super Pets was playing at the time and I really loved the pillars printed with the movie posters. It was very unique and I felt like watching the movie but the tickets were sold out.

Super Pets is now on my to-watch list.


The last shop that I’m gonna cover in this blog is the Lego Store.

Get ready for some pixelated fun and make sure you mind your step.


Monkie Kid ft Lego!

How I wish this was a real set up….I mean, just look at it. Just the thought of it makes one smile.

All that separates me from these Harry Potter lego beauties is a glass door and 1098 Malaysian Ringets.

The way this made my Potterhead heart sore is immaculate.

I am actually 1097 ringets away from my goal….



Right, this is such a cute set showing all the wild animals of Asia. The Red Panda is so cute, popping out of that pod. As are the elephants and all the others. Stuff like this is what makes me believe that age is just a number and toys are what keep life vibrant.

Also, the bunny in the side is so cute!


This made me hold my breath because it is just so beautiful. Star Wars always gives me a feeling of Galactic Regality and seeing the Land Speeder made my heart beat fast. There’s also a Millenium Falcon but I didn’t get a picture of that.

Entering the lego store can literally turn the most novice builders to Lego Maniacs.


This set gave me nostalgia. I mean, Lego really knows how to make my heart crave because I was while this is what I saw, the dolls in the set probably saw me looking at them like….



Finally, we’ve got the most beautiful collection by Lego i.e the Botanical Garden. This is such a good idea for people who want plants but find it hard to manage them because they are absolutely beautiful and require almost zero gardening skills.

The succulents are my favourite. I do own that set and I’ve made one part of it. I also like the bonsai tree and the orchids.

This shop made me want to build a Lego empire in my home.

But then, I saw my mother’s face and her expression was not pixelated.

I did buy her a lego keychain but that’s apparently not a good enough bribe….


Stepping out of the KLCC mall, there’s a courtyard which provides some beautiful glimpses of the Twin Towers. It’s the one place where the towers can be seen in all their glory and one can even cross the road and take a bit of a traffic risk to get some brilliant photos.

Here’s a more night-lit pic that nearly had me run-over but it was well worth it.

And that is a wrap.

Until Next Time.

See ya:)


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