The Sidekick Story

Here’s a question; What connects Simba to Bruce Lee? -10 if you say they are both kings(they are but that ain’ it.) +10 if you say they have amazing sidekicks.   Welcome to my Ted talk! Sidekicks are often those characters to which readers, film-goers and consequently fan fiction writers love to attach an individual POV. In more cases than any reader/film-goer  would care to … Continue reading The Sidekick Story

The Stonehenge(they will rock you)

Some believe its a religious temple used by our ancestors, others think its a primitive clock and the remaining believe that its a Bronze Age cemetery.   Alright, official announcement…. The Olympic Gold for weightlifting officially and forever, goes to…. The Bronze Age!!!! So that’s not really a bronze age person, but imagine pulling that slab of stone on a wheelbarrow and then erecting it … Continue reading The Stonehenge(they will rock you)

Listing the Buckets!!!!or simply the bucket list….

The list is as follows: 1. Tin Buckets(3) 2. Plastic buckets in red(2) 3…. Hehe. Ok, now lets go to the things I haven’t quite achieved….yet…. The Bucket List!!!! Morgan Freeman, here we go!!!! Number the first: DISCO DANCING WITH  QUEEN ELIZABETH. That’s right, Lilibet herself! Let’s actually look at Lilibet now,  her adherence to Royal Protocol and the very fact that she is the longest ruling … Continue reading Listing the Buckets!!!!or simply the bucket list….

Sikkim, India

Smallest state in India, ladies and blokes!!!! Da Baby In Da House! ft. the third highest mountain in the world. AKA the Kanchenjunga. AKA…. This lil’ mountain. This picture was taken from the hotel where I was staying. It was literally the view out the window in daylight! Consequently, the hotel had some rather interesting modes of watching this giant slab of vanilla ice-cream! You … Continue reading Sikkim, India