Megamall Mayhem

As a certified shopaholic, I don’t like to go to just one shop, I like to go to them-all.


As a not so certified comedian, that joke is a laugh.


Puns and bad humour aside, Kuala Lumpur is a paradise for malls and each mall in the city has something unique to offer.

On my latest trip to KL, I spent a good amount of time, hopping between malls, exploring them, photographing every cool detail, dreaming of financial abundance to go beyond window shopping and on the rare occasion, actually shopping.


So, in this blog, Imma tell you about the Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur, the second mall that I explored in KL.

Before I begin, Imma just link the post to the first mall post about the Publika Kreative Mall…..

And it’s show time!!!!

The Mid Valley Megamall is a very well connected mall as it has its own KTM Komuter station and it also has a direct passage to the Tube station and the monorail. When I’m travelling, I always prefer to commute by trains and in KL, I was very lucky to get all the Komuter trains at the right time because there’s often a long wait between trains.

When I entered the mall, I was literally stunned for a minute because the mall is huge and the shops are so colourful that it feels as though you’ve entered an alternate pixel dimension. The whole mall is a scene straight out of Wreck-It-Ralph and the jigsaw puzzle shop coming up next will tell ya why.

All the pictures displayed in the showcase are fully solved jigsaw puzzles.

Welcome to Jigsaw Puzzle World.

It was really nice to see a full shop dedicated wholly to jigsaw puzzles. I am not a person who has too much puzzle solving experience but I do have a fantasy of being able to solve one of the really intricate puzzles and frame it. This shop set the bar too high and now, I’ve come to a more sober fantasy of buying fully solved jigsaw puzzles and using it to decorate the house.


Here’s a few options to choose from:

What puzzles me here is that these are puzzles. I was so thrilled to see the Peanuts Jigsaw collection and the Hello Kitty ones were so *chef’s kiss*. There’s a few Disney ones here but there’s more….

The Winnie The Pooh puzzle is so aesthetic! I really wish I could buy and solve that because it literally looks like a painting. I love the Mickey and Anime collab too! Very creative:)

This wall is what I want in my future house. I love the contrasting neon palette here and the little decor with the faux cherry blossoms enhances the whole set-up. The tiger puzzle should legit be in a museum. It must have taken a lot of effort because it is a black and white scheme and there’s not much of a hint as to which white piece goes where. I also love the Cinderella one which is the third puzzle and I like how it is a concept art instead of an actual scene from the movie.

This wall simply said, “Nat Geo Travel but make it puzzle.”


I would love to have a tea room with these puzzles as the decor!

This is the last wall in the Jigsaw puzzle shop and the reason I included this was because of the Mona Lisa.

Da Vinci would be proud! The rest of the puzzles are scenes from Manga and I’m not really into anime so all I can say is that it looks well brilliant.

My next window shopping stop was this store called ‘Jelly Bunny’ and it is so cute. I love the pink and white scheme, it gives such soft girl, 80s era Barbie vibes. I wanted to have the jewelled Bunny for myself but it isn’t for sale. If anyone is interested in a Jelly Bunny Heist, hmu!!!!


The blogger of this blog does not (usually) condone theft or kidnapping….


Ok, I just noticed the bag on the top left corner. It is so chic and that Bunny has won the eyeshadow game:)

Also, I like the all-black logo. It makes the store look very classy.

Up next, Imma call out all the plant mum and dads….

Here’s a a gentle reminder for you guys to keep calm and….


This is the first time I came across a shop with such a unique name and that got me wondering about the normalisation of businesses that scream instructions. Like imagine a bakery named ‘Let Them Eat Cake’.

Or a shoe shine named ‘Polish them boots’

OR, OR a bank named ‘Show Me The Money’

Here’s a sign to have your new business be as passive aggressive as possible.


When I walked past this shop, I thought it would have something to do with actual plants but turns out it’s a clothes store. I absolutely love the giant flower in the middle and it reminds me of the Little Men and Little Miss series. I wish there were soft toys of this flower, it would be cute.

Water the Plant!


There is something so aesthetically trendy about child sized teddy bears, decorated in print and graffiti. The Bearbrick store at Mid Valley had such a lovely window display and it made my heart crave and scream.

As a person who loves collecting figurines, a Bearbrick is like a dream and this picture is the first step in the hustle of making that dream come true.

However, it is so hard to choose, like I love the tie-dye spotted bears but then the Harley Quinn bear and the graphic bear as good and I absolutely love Harley Quinn so it is totally spoiling.

Bearbrick Heist, anyone?


*See disclaimer above*

When I look at a store like this, I immediately find a list of art supplies that I absolutely must have but then, my mum’s face drifts into my mind and she is just one paintbrush away from giving me an ultimatum to choose between her or the art supplies.


I have honestly never seen an independent store of Faber-Castell and when I saw one, I felt like sitting down and starting a new painting.

Besides, the chandelier made out of coloured pens is so pretty and unique and it’s exactly the kind of decor that I’d associate with an art shop. I wish there was a sort of game where you could jump and get a coloured pen from the chandelier.

But then again, my mum is one colour pen away from a second ultimatum….


Here is one of the cutest cartoon statues that I’ve ever seen. I mean, look at her beret! And her little sleeves!

This is a statue at a store called MiX. It is a store where you get everything cute, like figurines, Funko Pops and keychains and even a whole section of snacks and chocolates from all over the world. I spent a lot of time exploring the store but this statue had my heart. I love how it is in front of a shelf of sweets because this girl sums up the typical idea of a cute girl with a sweet tooth.

I also love the little staircase that appears to lead to a secret room. The neon adds to the mystery and I love intricate neon lights, mingled with soft lighting.

I am a simple girl. I see Pokemon and I click pictures….

This was the highlight of a store called Ace Cards and Collectibles.

The combination of Charizard and Pikachu is so cute and I can literally hear the “Pika Pika”:)

The rest of the store was simply filled with card games but this is what drew me to it. I am not too much into collecting cards but big cartoon statues are bae<3

Finally, here is the highlight of my trip. This Harry Potter vending machine made me jump and scream in joy but then, I saw that it only accepted online payments and that was not so Expelliarmus.

I mean, I would kill to get a toy out of a Harry Potter vending machine but technology did a number on my dreams, hence I had to be satisfied with a picture.

Here is your sign to reject modernity and embrace tradition….


Finally, Imma end with a scene outside the mall: A peaceful building landscape in the twilight.

And that is a wrap.

Until Next Time,

Pika Pika.




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  1. I am not into shopping like you but the pictures of puzzles that you shared from Kuala Lumpur are amazing.

    1. Yes, the puzzles were so impressive! I didn’t think there were so many scenes that could be made into puzzles and the shop was like a small museum of them.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Have a great week ahead:)

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