Theme Park Mayhem ft. Imagicaa

Let’s tingle our braincells before we get on with the thrills. What vehicle does a tea-cup use to travel? -50 if you say “A person’s hands” +100 if you say “A roller-coaster” +200 if your brains just had a free fall while reading that. Hehe…. In the previous blog, I spoke about the water park at Imagicaa. Ye lot can ride the waves here. In this … Continue reading Theme Park Mayhem ft. Imagicaa

The Culinary Angle: KL- Part Two

Before I begin, here’s a riddle for you: What do you get when a potato blow dries her roots? -10 if you say ‘A Hot Pot'(Why would you?) -50 if you say An Unstable Potato. +100 if you say A blanched potato…. Feel free to throw that potato at me….I’m not crying, you are. Hehe:) In my last rumbl ramblings, ramblings….about the culinary scene in … Continue reading The Culinary Angle: KL- Part Two

Wanderlust ft. KLCC

Wanderlust is defined as a strong longing for, or an impulse towards wandering. I, however, define the term as walking through the Suria KLCC mall. hehe…. When I first entered the Suria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, I saw a stall of Auntie Annie’s pretzels and a flea market and I remember thinking that this is so cute and petite. All my shopping confined to one … Continue reading Wanderlust ft. KLCC

The Culinary Angle: KL- Part One.

Before I begin tingling your tastebuds, here’s some food for thought…. As a person whose mood revolves around the nature of meals for the day, this quote hit me in all the right places and made me hungrier. Food is a universal love language. It sustains and manages to end the worst fights and enhances forgiveness. For more advantageous facts about food, visit www. … Continue reading The Culinary Angle: KL- Part One.

Genting Highlands (not a footwear brand:))

When I first heard the name “Genting Highlands”, I thought it was a footwear brand for gents. I mean, we’ve got a brand called Woodlands in India, so why not have Highlands, yeah? But then I saw a picture of Genting Highlands which showed a bloke on a roller coaster and it made me wonder if the shoes from this brand give you the same … Continue reading Genting Highlands (not a footwear brand:))

The Earth Day Blog

To kick off the Earth Day celebrations, here’s a question that stimulates contemplation: What international prize did the cat with butt implants win? -10 if you say a plastic trophy. +50 if you say a Global Cat-Ass-Trophy. The number of electronics destroyed as a result of that joke is catastrophic…. Hehe:) The Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years. In her long tenure, she’s … Continue reading The Earth Day Blog