Miscellaneous Mumbai Mayhem

Who has two thumbs and is bad at alliterations? This blogger! Now, who doesn’t have thumbs and is, in fact very good at repetitions? The city of Mumbai, because it repeatedly blows my mind. Incoming tomatoes, on repeat…. hehe…. When it comes to the city of dreams, one trip is not enough and with each new visit, one discovers a new part or aspect of … Continue reading Miscellaneous Mumbai Mayhem

Genting Highlands (not a footwear brand:))

When I first heard the name “Genting Highlands”, I thought it was a footwear brand for gents. I mean, we’ve got a brand called Woodlands in India, so why not have Highlands, yeah? But then I saw a picture of Genting Highlands which showed a bloke on a roller coaster and it made me wonder if the shoes from this brand give you the same … Continue reading Genting Highlands (not a footwear brand:))

Pens Against The Swords

As we move from one crisis to another, here are some words from John Steinbeck that hit me in all the feels. “All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.” The world had its biggest and most dangerous crisis in the Coronavirus pandemic. It affected each and every person physically, mentally and emotionally. This brings me to one of the most … Continue reading Pens Against The Swords

The University Mag

The university of BITS Pilani has one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. Before I get on with the photodump, let’s get up, close and personal to one of the best unis in India. BITS Pilani was established in 1964. It’s curriculum is mainly branches of engineering but it’s also got branches like Pharmacy, Economics etc. The university has been visited by many … Continue reading The University Mag

The Heart of Pune

The city of Pune is a lot like a rotating spectrum wheel that one sees in a science class. The various colours of the wheel represent all the things that the city stands for, namely its history, its trendy lifestyle, the rich culture and tradition and its fast, bustling environment. And when this wheel rotates and you look at the centre, you see all these … Continue reading The Heart of Pune

Cu Chi Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh city is a place that always earns a bonus while playing ‘Atlas’ but when I discovered that I was actually going to the city, I actually felt my bragging rights shoot up cause now, whenever I play Atlas, I can say that I have been to Ho Chi Minh city. hehe. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect before going to Ho … Continue reading Cu Chi Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh City

Flora, Fauna and Merry Weather

When it comes to popular natural terrain in India, plateaux are no novice to the spotlight. The Kaas Plateau, located in the Satara district of the state of Maharashtra is one of the most popular of the above plateaux, complete with the designation of a UNESCO Natural Heritage. The plateau is mainly known for its natural floral cover during the rainy season of India i.e … Continue reading Flora, Fauna and Merry Weather

Adventure Scratchpad-1

‘Life is either an adventure or nothing at all.’ Touring a foreign country brings with it a whole jackpot of adventures. Some of them include being lost in translation, being lost on the map, scary run-ins, mind-blowing hotel rules and the list goes on. These adventures within an adventure add tremendously to one’s experiences and as a wise person once said, experience is the best … Continue reading Adventure Scratchpad-1