The Culinary Angle: KL- Part One.

Before I begin tingling your tastebuds, here’s some food for thought….

As a person whose mood revolves around the nature of meals for the day, this quote hit me in all the right places and made me hungrier.

Food is a universal love language. It sustains and manages to end the worst fights and enhances forgiveness. For more advantageous facts about food, visit www.

See ya!


Kuala Lumpur is no novice to great food. In fact, in all my travel eats, Malaysian food is one of my favourites. They have great options, not just in restaurants but also in their street food, fast food joints and even in the breakfast buffet.

My latest trip to KL was one where I did justice to the culinary treasure in the city so in this blog, Imma reminisce those lip smacking moments and cause some waves of hunger.

This segment of the blog will have some fast food, on-the-go meals and snacks. The next segment will focus more on dine-in meals.

*DISCLAIMER: Can cause hunger*


Breakfast. The most important meal of the day.

There is something very cheerful about a hotel which includes breakfast along with your stay and my hotel in KL was one such gem. My mum and I were put up at the Aloft hotel in KL Sentral and the breakfast was something that could get even the most hardened night owls to wake up early and fill up a plate.

Here’s what my breakfast plate looked like on one of the days of our stay. In the first picture, there’s pancakes with maple syrup and pink choco-chips, hash brown, sausages and a baked oriental vegetable dish with a side of baked beans and cheerios in milk.

The veggies had a light, sweetish sort of flavour and was a nice, cooling dish. I also tried a spicy oriental chicken which had a lovely tangy flavour but I didn’t take a picture of it. The sausages were tasty too, bringing in a comfort food vibe to the plate and the cheerios in milk were good but the milk was cold and I like my cereals in warm milk. I could have used the warm milk from the coffee machine but it struck me only after I left KL.

Sorry, I see cheerios, I don’t think….I am not this scatter-brained, I swear….


The second picture has a vanilla muffin and a white chocolate doughnut with rainbow sprinkles and no one can go wrong with that kind of goodness on one’s plate..

Right, now a lot of you must be gasping at the amount of sugar on my plate but I said that breakfast is important. I didn’t insist on it being healthy.


I am usually quite an explorer in a breakfast buffet which means that I try a little bit of everything and the buffets tend to have a huge selection of sweets which are too tempting to miss. The buffet at KL had an assortment of breakfast cuisines from all over the world and I did try some of the oriental dishes like the vegetables in the picture. There were also many Indian breakfast dishes like dosa, which is a crepe made out of rice and chick pea or poha which is basically flattened puffed rice but those are the things which I eat at home so I didn’t try those out for want of variety but I’m sure it was delicious.

The second entry on this culinary ramp walk is one of the best chicken curries that I’ve ever had. This was the lunch that I had immediately after landing in KL and it healed my soul.

The dish in the centre is the chicken curry. It was a simple dish where the chicken was slightly fried and the gravy was made with coconut paste, chilly, ginger and a sort of a fish sauce that added a spicy, tangy flavour to the chicken. The garnishing of spring onion added some amount of freshness to the dish.

The chicken was served with rice and broth, both of which contrasted with the spicy chicken and added a soulful and nourishing taste to the lunch.

I was slightly sick with a sore throat and a congested nose when I landed in KL and this lunch actually healed me to a great extent. Also, the lady who owned this restaurant was such a sweet, fairy godmother-like person and she knew just what to serve when she found out that I’m not in my best health.

The restaurant was called Homie Recipe and it’s there in the KL Sentral mall. If ye folks are ever in KL, give this place a visit and nourish your soul.

I love the decor! It gives a very home-made goodness vibe:)

Now that we’ve nourished our souls, it’s time for some fun.

Soft pretzels are a snack that I’ve always craved, thanks to social media and television but the snack isn’t very popular in India and there’s no shops that sell it. When I saw an Auntie Annie’s stall at KLCC mall, I was really thrilled and I waited in line to get myself a cinnamon sugar pretzel and a cream and onion pretzel to add a sweet and savoury balance.

I loved both the flavours but the cinnamon sugar one was more up my alley because I’m a huge cinnamon fan and if a food has cinnamon in it, I will eat it and enjoy every last bit.

The pretzels at Auntie Annie’s were available as whole pretzels and pretzel sticks. The sticks were an amazing on the go snack and I did carry them around on a few walking trips which was a real win as it was a sure solution for the small hunger pangs.

KL is a city where one needs to walk quite a lot and since hunger doesn’t ask before coming, it’s always a good idea to carry a snack. I usually took a pretzel or collected some muffins and cakes from the breakfast buffet and that made me nail the whole solo trip to KL.

Let’s talk beverage for a while because San Francisco Coffee has my whole heart.

Lemme tell ya a story of why this coffee made me so happy.

Now, when I went to KL, I took a leave from Uni and on my first day in KL, I found out that I’d been excluded from a university quiz team which left me feeling bummed out because the whole selection process was rather unfair and I’d actually worked for the quiz.

I went to San Francisco Coffee to clear my head with a nice cup of hot vanilla and the drink actually made me feel a lot better and the next day, I find out that the unfair selection process didn’t go through and I was back on the quiz team that I’d actually worked for.

This place has the capacity to bring goodwill into your life. One drink, and all your problems are solved.

The coffee is very well made, as is the hot vanilla and the cocoa and it’s a nice place to rest and clear your head because the staff is really friendly and the cafe has a nice sit out.

The shop is a chain store in KL and it’s there in a lot of malls. This is some of the best coffee that I’ve had and would 10/10 recommend it.

The last meal for this segment of the KL food blog is my favourite fast food ever.

KL has a shop called 4 Fingers Chicken which sells fried chicken, kalamari and burgers. Now, when it comes to junk food, there’s always more comfort in the big brands that cater to it but when I had one bite of 4 Fingers’ fried chicken, I was in culinary ecstasy because that Fried Chicken had the very element of happiness in it.

The fried chicken at 4 fingers’ isn’t overly coated with flour but it has a coating of hot sauce and a sweet and sour chilly sauce which makes one’s tastebuds explode with culinary delight. The same goes with the kalamari and the chicken patty in the burgers. You can also choose to have a mustard coating but I like the hot sauce one better.

The chicken is serve with a herbed rice which also has a slight taste of the hot sauce tanginess and personally, I feel that this was some of the best junk food that I’ve ever had.

What’s better? My mum agrees.

We had two meals at 4 Fingers and even today, I crave the chicken but it’s one of those rare delights that can only be accessed if I take a flight to KL.

Honestly, this chicken can make me settle in KL, it is that good.

4 Fingers Chicken is a must try if you’re in KL. It is a place where your tastebuds will have the time of their lives.

And that is a wrap.

I will be back next week with some more KL food, focussing on dinner meals and authentic Malaysian cuisine.

Until next time,

Auf Wiedersehen:)



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