The Postcard Made of Dreams

The city of Mumbai is associated with many things; Insane rush hour, traffic, big buildings, Bollywood and the list goes on. However, the city of dreams has a beautiful side to it amidst all this madness. In this blog, we’re gonna look at some of the most unique and iconic sights in Mumbai, once upon a dream. This is the panoramic shot of the Bandra-Worli … Continue reading The Postcard Made of Dreams

Amber Palace:House Tour

Before I begin my weekly babble, let’s hear some wise words from Julius Caesar himself….’Veni Vidi Vici’ Last week, we ‘Veni-d’ and ‘Vidi-d’ a certain Palace by the name of Amber Palace. But in order to attain the status of ‘Vici’, we need a….wait for it….House Tour™. hehe. Alright, we ain’ conquering anything, we’re simply visitors(said every conqueror ever). Ye wee folks can find the … Continue reading Amber Palace:House Tour