Flash tour ft. Siem Reap

Travelling to Cambodia was literally a decision that was made after looking at an assortment of Google images. We combined the trip with our whole summer tour to South East Asia, including Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia for a grand period of two weeks. Now, with the said number of countries on the itinerary, the whole tour was what I like to call a ‘flash tour’. … Continue reading Flash tour ft. Siem Reap

Postcards from Zeus

Travelling to Greece was an idea borne out of watching Disney’s Hercules and reading Rick Riordan’s fiction entwined with Greek mythology. In fact before visiting Greece, the only thing I pictured when I thought of the country was alabaster statues with empty eyes, philosophers and broken columns of stone. While the country has a lion’s share of the above elements, walking through its streets gives … Continue reading Postcards from Zeus