The University Mag

The university of BITS Pilani has one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. Before I get on with the photodump, let’s get up, close and personal to one of the best unis in India. BITS Pilani was established in 1964. It’s curriculum is mainly branches of engineering but it’s also got branches like Pharmacy, Economics etc. The university has been visited by many … Continue reading The University Mag

The Road to Pilani

At the dawn of the year, I set out on a journey. The baggage was heavy, the road was long. Minutes seemed like hours, hours lasted a lifetime. Familiar faces were left behind, the world seemed alien, I was heading to university. Dramatic beginning: √ I actually simply flew to the national capital of New Delhi and then took a five hour drive to a … Continue reading The Road to Pilani

The City of Dreams-Night Mode

Day dreaming is great; No doubt about about that. But when it comes to dreams with interesting plots, nothing can be sweeter than the wish that your heart makes at night. Attempt at a life changing quote: √ Hehe…. In my last post, I took ye folks on a tour of South Bombay in broad daylight, so now, Imma take ya through the city of … Continue reading The City of Dreams-Night Mode