Keep Calm, it’s London!

And Gerard Butler said that it has fallen. Heck, the man thinks Olympus has fallen but here we are. News Flash:London is just fine!  And that’s the tea! God save the Queen. I don’t get why people always associate the act of falling with London. ‘London has Fallen’, ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’, like get a grip! Use those little grey cells! Dame Christie did … Continue reading Keep Calm, it’s London!

5 Types of People You Come Across While Travelling….

People. Humans. Homo sapiens sapiens. PeRsOnAlItIeS…. People person’s paper people!!!! Dunder Mifflin! Paper needs aside, we are gathered here today to celebrate humanity! Specifically the travel community. Meaning tourists. And Hotel Staff. And receptionists. And Tour guides. And the random guy on the street who translates for you or gives your lost self some directions. All. of. them. The people you come across on tour … Continue reading 5 Types of People You Come Across While Travelling….

Flip card 1: Shopping in Singapore.

The story of my life. Chapter 1 The Universal Haul That’s right! I got home the Globe!!!!! I am the Queen of the world!!!! Hehe….But I did get home certain, well, mummies….One mummy, to be precise, my own, and another one, who might just eat you, if it weren’t such a cutie pie!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Morgan the Mummy!!!! Warning: This mummy is 100% … Continue reading Flip card 1: Shopping in Singapore.