5 Types of People You Come Across While Travelling….

People. Humans. Homo sapiens sapiens. PeRsOnAlItIeS…. People person’s paper people!!!! Dunder Mifflin! Paper needs aside, we are gathered here today to celebrate humanity! Specifically the travel community. Meaning tourists. And Hotel Staff. And receptionists. And Tour guides. And the random guy on the street who translates for you or gives your lost self some directions. All. of. them. The people you come across on tour … Continue reading 5 Types of People You Come Across While Travelling….


  And I thought the word ‘random’ was slang. Ok, well I didn’t but my English teachers sure did. It was like a standing instruction in class, “You use ‘random’, you lose marks! The ICSE board does not entertain slang!” At that moment, all of us, by which I mean 40 ‘marks-thirsty’ girls readily agreed but as soon as the class ended, the first remark … Continue reading Random.

Fitting In

“Where are you going, Sandy?” said Justin as he saw his friend Sandrine hurrying past him with her I-pad. “Tennis. The big group has called me. As for the I-pad, there’s something I wanna show them,” Sandrine replied, “catch you later”. Sandrine Victoria Smith was a nerdy, overly-sincere tennis player whose chief ambition in life was to make friends with the ‘big group’ i.e. the … Continue reading Fitting In

And then comes Ruskin Bond….

An experience, whether good or bad, is a priceless collector’s item. These words by Isaac Marion hold true for this incident. It was a lovely evening, for me, because I was going to the Pune International Literary festival for my very first book reading. The Writers’ club of my school had recently published a book which included stories and poems written by all its members. … Continue reading And then comes Ruskin Bond….