Miscellaneous Mumbai Mayhem

Who has two thumbs and is bad at alliterations?

This blogger!

Now, who doesn’t have thumbs and is, in fact very good at repetitions?

The city of Mumbai, because it repeatedly blows my mind.

Incoming tomatoes, on repeat….


When it comes to the city of dreams, one trip is not enough and with each new visit, one discovers a new part or aspect of the city and it is nothing like what was seen before. In this blog, Imma show you some miscellaneous and rather candid stills of Mumbai, all taken on a rainy day. The photos are stills of the city simply existing or they are random clicks which leave a lasting impression on the heart.

So, without further sales talk(hehe), let’s get dreamin’:)

This is an electric tower that I came across while driving through the streets of Mumbai. The stained glass art reminds me of unfinished paintings.

Incomplete or unfinished paintings bring in a sense of creative unsettledness. When an artist is in an extreme level of creative euphoria, everything seems to be an opportunity to create art and the artist just cannot get enough of creating something new which leads to multiple incomplete yet beautiful projects which give a perennial work in progress vibe.

I myself, am guilty of having a hoard of unfinished art:) Will I finish it?

Only time can tell.

It’s rather spiralling and low key euphoric to think of personality as unfinished art. I guess, we are all a work in progress and even though we do strive for completion, the incompleteness has a beauty of its own.

I should write a book….


This, mi amigos, is what I see each time I crack a joke.

And that red flowery thing is my lone, lopsided umbrella, the only companion in the art of bad humour.


Mumbai is every shopaholic’s heaven and this here, is the wall of a shoe shop in a market. The market is in a place called Bandra Linking Road and there, one finds a whole lane dedicated to shoe shops where you can find any shoe, right from Cinderella’s glass slippers to soldier boots to help you trudge through snowy terrains. I love how the shop is arranged, with shoes on the walls and some boots hanging down like wind chimes. This is what you get when a cobbler builds a house.

Or would he make it out of cobblestones?

Note: These shoes need to be bought. Exercise caution, in case of desire to use as a weapon against bad humour.


If you see me looking at this picture, you will get two comics looking at each other.


This store is called ‘The Comic Book Store’ and it sells, well, comic books.

Now, India has a comic scene of its own. Indian comics include Tinkle, which is basically a digest for children.

It has all sorts of stories, right from comedy to folk tales to scientific facts to small detective tales. The characters from the comics are quite popular and very lovable.

There’s also Amar Chitra Katha, which is one of the best comics that I’ve ever read. It makes graphic comics out of tales from Indian Mythology and Indian History in order to inculcate an interest for Indian culture in children. I have read so many of them, here’s one of them that I found in my book closet….

I must have read this one countless times and it brings back so many memories:)

As far as international comics go, Archie, Tintin and Asterix is quite popular in India. There is some anime available too, since India has a huge, huge anime fanbase.

When it comes to Marvel comics, India does have a fan base but the comics have become available only recently. The Comic Book Store is one such place that sells international comics. It is slightly expensive but I think it’s a good start of bringing Marvel comics to India.

Here’s my haul from the store….I bought the comic for a Halloween read and the poster is just so cute:) The bookmarks are free so, I guess it’s a win:)

Moving on from materialistic bliss, here’s a still of a stormy Arabian Sea, taken from a promenade in Bandra. The rainy season is a powerful force in the city of Mumbai and it’s rather daunting to watch the sea amidst heavy rain.

The sea, is an entity that really commands  respect. I felt every inch of that respect as I stood under my lopsided, fluttering umbrella and took this picture. I love the grey and beige colour scheme and the tide pools add a tinge of gentleness in the whole stormy atmosphere.

I also feel like swimming. Whenever I see a body of water, I feel like diving in:)

Perhaps it’s the Piscean in me.


Continuing the Sea theme, here’s a panorama taken from a promenade called Nariman Point. The sea is so much calmer here, and the best part is that this picture, and the one above it are taken on the same day.

I like how this picture shows a piece of life in Mumbai. There’s the glamour seen in the skyline, which consists of some of the most dazzling building in the country, there’s the bustle seen in the crowd on the promenade, with some people walking, either for fitness or to get to their errands, some just sitting by the sea, either spending time with their loved ones or just soaking in the marine goodness.

This is one of my favourite spots in the city and I love how the sea looks like a giant swimming pool, with the gentle tides and the sunlight brightening the grey waters.

Tetrapods have a real rustic sense of beauty, and here, we have a wee crab adding to the beauty. If you look right in the middle, you’ll find the tiny crustacean, nearly camouflaged on the tetrapod. There was a whole family of crabs on the rocks and it was quite fun to spot them.

Crabs are one of my favourite waterborne creatures and it’s always fascinating to see them in their natural habitat.

Ending the sea theme on this blog, here’s a glimpse of the Taj hotel and The Gateway of India, taken from a ferry on the Arabian Sea.

The Taj Hotel is one of the most beautifully constructed buildings that I’ve seen. I love the red and grey scheme and it looks so majestic when seen from the sea.

The Gateway of India is a small yet pretty monument, which is the symbol of Mumbai. It was made to welcome King George V to Mumbai, back when India was under Colonial rule.

The ferry is my favourite thing to do in Mumbai. I always had to ride it, when I was little, and now, I rode it after many years, but the thrill is still the same:)

ASMR trends have taken the world by storm and nothing screams ASMR to me, more than Coca Cola poured into a glass filled with ice.

The act always filled my heart in all those ads before movie previews but this time, I tried it out at a cafe in Mumbai and the feeling was immaculate.

The Leopold Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Mumbai. It is very old and the food here is absolutely delicious. It offers European cuisine, with a variety of steaks and roasts. There’s also some Anglo Indian meals which are really drool-worthy.

The cafe also has a sad history of a shootout during the 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai.The walls still have the gunshot marks. The cafe has come up like a phoenix since then, and it stands for courage and resilience in the face of terror.

The world has no place for such cowardice and hate and places like the cafe show that no matter how hard hateful people try to wreck the world, love is going to prevail.

Finally, here’s a banana split that I had at a restaurant in Mumbai, to end the post.

I am still looking for the best banana split. It is my mission in life to find the most delicious, creamy banana split and I will accomplish it.

HMU if you know some good b-split places….I’ll put it on my agenda.

And that is a wrap.

Until Next Time,

Auf Wiedersehen:)

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