With Love from Nessie….

The best kinds of travel recommendations are obtained from works of fiction. The Loch Ness monster has always fascinated me, ever since I was a wee baby. My mum used to tell me (imaginary?) stories of encountering the monster on her trip to Scotland before I was born and her claims were backed by a rather realistic souvenir of Nessie that came back with her. … Continue reading With Love from Nessie….

The Dad Crossword

Since we’re celebrating dads, here’s some inspiration to get us started. ‘My dad always told me to fight fire with fire….That got him kicked out of the fire department.’ Dad Jokes 101. Now you know where I get my poor jokes from. Hehe. Fathers and father figures are the most puzzling people in the universe. They are like clues to a crossword. They’ve got hints … Continue reading The Dad Crossword