Flora, Fauna and Merry Weather

When it comes to popular natural terrain in India, plateaux are no novice to the spotlight. The Kaas Plateau, located in the Satara district of the state of Maharashtra is one of the most popular of the above plateaux, complete with the designation of a UNESCO Natural Heritage. The plateau is mainly known for its natural floral cover during the rainy season of India i.e … Continue reading Flora, Fauna and Merry Weather

The Monsoon Getaway- Part 3

TLC once said, ‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the rivers and lakes….’ But when the river is damned and the lake stays in the same spot, one cannot simply watch the waterfalls cascading without a proper chase. The city of Lonavala is one such place. The river has a dam(hence damned:)) and the lake is a pretty spot among the trees so once … Continue reading The Monsoon Getaway- Part 3

The Monsoon Getaway- Part 2

Before I begin, here’s a powerful riddle for ya…. What does the solar power plant say to the hydroelectric power plant on a rainy day? Oh Dam! Hehe…. My sense of humour is truly damned. Right, without further ado, let’s get on with the city tour of Lonavala. I’d written about the road journey to Lonavala in my previous post and here, I’ll be taking … Continue reading The Monsoon Getaway- Part 2

The Monsoon Getaway- Part 1

I was going to begin with a funny poem to mark my return to blogging but when I searched for funny poems on comebacks and homecomings, I was bombarded with sickeningly happy ‘Back to School’ poems and it sent me straight home. Hehe…. Silly joke: √ Before writing this blog, I’d been wondering what to write as the “Comeback Post” and then my parents planned a … Continue reading The Monsoon Getaway- Part 1

The London Postcard

Let’s begin with a quote from the Paddington Bear himself: And honestly, I couldn’t agree more. My trip to London was inspired by many things. Harry Potter was definitely at the top of the list followed by my mum’s stories after staying there for some years. Before visiting, I had a very fantastical picture of the city in mind and honestly, I wasn’t disappointed. It … Continue reading The London Postcard

Green Trees Inc.

For a long while as a preteen, I’ve had a history of referring to the colour ‘Green’ as ‘Hulk-coloured’. Hehe. True story. For two years in middle school, my whole aesthetic was ‘Hulk-coloured’. Starting from the school bag to t-shirts and nail polish, literally everything had the touch of green. While I did get over my obsession of having everything green, it’s interesting to note … Continue reading Green Trees Inc.

With Love from Nessie….

The best kinds of travel recommendations are obtained from works of fiction. The Loch Ness monster has always fascinated me, ever since I was a wee baby. My mum used to tell me (imaginary?) stories of encountering the monster on her trip to Scotland before I was born and her claims were backed by a rather realistic souvenir of Nessie that came back with her. … Continue reading With Love from Nessie….