Water Park Whackiness ft. Imagicaa

Before I begin, here’s a riddle for ye….

What kind of shoes do fish wear?

-10 if you say “Flippers”

-20 if you say ” ‘Eels ”

-100 if you say “Fish do not wear shoes” (They do.)

+50 if you say “Water Slides”

If that joke made a wave of laughter crash over you, I think your sense of humour has joined mine while going down a water slide.


When I’m in the mood for adventure, theme parks are always the solution. I love the thrill of roller coasters and drops and the whole ambience of adrenaline. However, this time, I decided to broaden my horizons and I not only went to a theme park, but also to a water park.

Imagicaa is India’s best water and theme park. It is located near the city of Mumbai, and it’s a two and a half-three hour drive from my city of Pune. It’s got rides amped to the international standards, mascots, parades and the whole theme park package and despite having lived so close to it for years, this was the first time I visited the park and I had a BLAST.

In this post, Imma talk about the water park because I went to that first and it was also the first time that I went to a water park.

So, without further ado, let’s take that first plunge!

This is the welcome board at the entrance of the water park. The design really thrilled me and I loved the intricate and colourful sculptures. This can also be used as a photo booth and I was so lucky to get a picture without any unnecessary photobombs. The sculpture reminds me of a cake and I had the urge to bite into one of the shells because it looks like fondant. I didn’t go ahead on my impulses, but I want a cake that looks like this because being a Pisces, all things water thrill me and this sculpture is where I feel represented.


Disclaimer: This blog does not aim to cause hunger.

Here is the first slide of the park. It’s called Swirl Whirl and it involves a raft carrying four people.

The ride looks pretty gentle at its start but once the raft is pushed down the slide, it takes one down loops and slopes and finally enters this huge funnel where the raft oscillates for a long time before finally sliding into the pool.

The oscillations are really thrilling and there’s times when the person at the side of the raft is nearly upside down. The said person was me and I had a lot of water splash in my face but it was worth it:) However, the slide depends a bit on how one is seated and it’s always better to lean a bit forward and hold the handles tight.

Now, while I’m a sucker for big thrill rides, my mother feels that it’s a form of punishment. She’s gone to so may theme parks without sitting on a single ride but this time, her friend who had accompanied us made her sit on this slide and honestly, she had a good time. I was there on her raft too, cause I went twice, and she was pretty brave while riding it. A lot of people encouraged her and I loved that sense of camaraderie that the whole adrenaline rush brings in.

One thing to remember while riding the slides at the park, is that there’s a minimum weight limit. The Swirl Whirl had a minimum weight limit of 50 kg and it was rather sad to see people going away because of that. I get that it’s for safety reasons but maybe an adjustment in the number of people per raft could solve the problem.

The blue and yellow slide in the far corner was called Raftastic and it wasn’t my favourite. The slide wasn’t too fast and it gave some bad jerks on the neck. The shape of the slide was a bit odd and it was rather bumpy.

This slide was called The Screamer but personally, I felt it was a very cool and refreshing ride because when my friend and I rode it, we were chatting about make-up all the time and enjoying the cool breeze and splashes of water. It has some comforting swirls and I feel it’s a good ride to cool off from all the thrill. There’s no issues about a minimum weight limit either so anyone can ride this and have a bit of a chill-pill.

Don’t know why it’s called the Screamer, though.

Screaming on rides is fun and it does help to quell the fear but sometimes, people scream for no reason and that gets annoying. I’ve honestly heard people scream on a lazy river ride, I mean that is specifically meant for relaxation and peace and quiet so why break that solitude? Then there’s people like my father who do not scream even on free falls and 360 degree swirls. I have a picture of my dad smiling on a roller coaster while the rest of us are going crazy.

Make it make sense.


If you zoom into the above picture, you’ll see a multi-coloured slide in the right corner. That was the most thrilling slide and it was called Twisty Turvy. It had a drop and uphill climbs and a spiral and even some mad oscillations. It was a two person ride and that made it even more thrilling.

And that is a wrap on the raft rides.

Moving on to some thrilling water slides that have individual participation which means it’s just one person with their adrenaline and a 39 foot drop.


Ok, this image makes me wanna jump in joy and do the slides all over again because these were my absolute favourites.

The monochromatic slides are called Zip Zap Zoom because in it, one simply planks on a yoga mat and goes, well….zip zap zoom….

hehe. Here’s a video to show you the zip zap zooming.


I am the last person to come down because I was in line while my friends were the first ones on their slides. This was a really fun ride and I went on it twice. The only thing that falls short is that not everybody can actually jump on the slide with the yoga mat cause if you’re tall, you might hit your head and that would lead to some Mr Bean level shenanigans so some people need to worm about till the mat hits the slide and then, the rest’s history.


The blue and yellow slide is called Yell-O. It’s similar to the Zip Zap Zoom, except one lies on their back and there’s no yoga mats. It’s a slightly less thrilling ride than Z cube (hehe) but it feels very nice to have the water rush under your back and cool the skin.

The green and yellow slide is called Boomerango. Honestly, the names make me laugh. It’s a fun family slide and it’s the one slide where I sat with my mum and it turned into a huge core memory.


This was the most fun that I had because riding a thrilling slide with my mum was something that I’d never thought would happen. So, here’s a special 🙂 for my brave mum.

P.S: No one tell her it was a kids’ ride.


Here’s a happy picture after the ride:))

This, mates, is the MOST thrilling ride at the Imagicaa Water Park. It’s called Loopy Whoopy and while the name sounds like something out of Dora the Explorer, the ride was a massive thriller. It involved a 39 foot drop followed by some 36o degree swirls, high speed slopes and even some spirals. There was a huge line of people who turned away after seeing the drop and waiting for one’s turn is like some sort of purgatory but the ride is fantastic.

I went on it twice and the second time was as daunting as the first. The amount my heart rate soared before the drop was mad and while I loved the ride, I wish the slide was slightly wider because even though one’s legs had to stay crossed, the force does make the legs straight and the slide was so narrow that even a little space between the legs can cause one to get stuck which is really painful because of the high speed.

I actually saw one boy get stuck and it was frightening. He was all right at the end but the experience must have scarred the poor thing.

While the ride was fantastic, hence I did it twice, it is slightly painful. Especially at the time of the drop, I pulled my calves and that really hurt for the rest of the day. However, it is really fun to watch people go down the slide. My friend had such a stunned expression that I honestly thought he’d frozen in shock but it was all adrenaline.

After the thrill of the slides, my mum and her friend indulged in Rain Dance. Honestly, the attraction was rather redundant because it was already raining heavily and the artificial rain just felt like a joke, hehe. But it was nice to see the two middle-aged friends forget their mid-life crisis and dance in the “rain”.


I didn’t dance because I don’t dance. I just do not know what to do with myself on a dance floor and most of the time, I’m just awkwardly jumping. Watching others dance is fun because those pictures are what memories are made out of and the ultimate pro move is to perennially be a photographer, rather than being a core memory on the dance floor.


Here’s a glimpse of the Kiddie Park. I didn’t go here but it looked so colourful and cheery. I wanted to go on the lazy river but the Loopy Whoopy had me in a trance so I went to ride that again. Hehe….

I love the pirate theme! It’s so well made and looks lovely, nestled among trees.

The Imagicaa water park is actually atop a small hill which is why it has some amazing views and one can fully be with nature while getting their adrenaline rushed.

There was also a wave pool where I didn’t go because honestly, I didn’t like the idea of wading into a pool with so many humans in it.

I prefer sharks.


Finally, we finished our tour with lunch which included pizza and ice lollies. The food was OK. I mean, that wasn’t the best pizza I had but it did stimulate the taste buds and it definitely was the solution for that after-swim hunger. Also, the mango dolly that I had was really yummy.

And that is a wrap.

Until Next Time,



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