Theme Park Mayhem ft. Imagicaa

Let’s tingle our braincells before we get on with the thrills.

What vehicle does a tea-cup use to travel?

-50 if you say “A person’s hands”

+100 if you say “A roller-coaster”

+200 if your brains just had a free fall while reading that.


In the previous blog, I spoke about the water park at Imagicaa. Ye lot can ride the waves here. In this blog, Imma talk about India’s largest, most thrilling theme park, located in Imagicaa and give ye the thrills.

So, without further ado, let’s get on the roller coaster and take off!

Here’s a panoramic view of the theme park, showing the rides, the scenery and the castle. As you can see, the park is nestled in greenery and is one with nature as it is located in a hilly region of the state of Maharashtra. Besides, I went there during the rainy season and that made the park even more beautiful. Honestly, the park is a place of fun for everyone. It’s got all the big thrill rides for the adrenaline junkies(*cough, cough* me), it’s got some mild, visually pleasing rides for people who like a gentle sense of excitement and it’s also a place for people who simply want to stroll in the good weather and take in the carnival-like ambience.

This is a picture of me with a few friends on India’s fastest roller coaster named Nitro. It is the highlight of the theme park and it was the first ride that we sat on. I love how candid this picture is and I also love how everyone is smiling. The ride was very thrilling but personally, I feel it could have been less jerky. Now, I am a sucker for big thrill rides because I love the feeling of butterflies that sitting on them gives me. But when I sat on Nitro, I didn’t feel those thrilling butterflies and honestly, we all were a bit relieved after the ride was done. I always leave a roller coaster laughing and full of energy but this one was too jerky and while I did enjoy it, I didn’t have the 100% satisfaction that I usually have after sitting on a roller coaster.

The park had another indoor roller coaster called ‘Deep Space’ which was more thrilling than Nitro and personally, I liked that way better. That one didn’t allow photographs but the ride did give me those thrilling butterflies and I left the ride giggling and completely energised.

There were two other big thrill rides. One was called ‘The Scream Machine’ and it was a pendulum ride. I didn’t sit on that one because it had a super long line and I wanted to spend some time with my mum.

Now, my mother doesn’t sit on the thrill rides and her job was pretty much reduced to holding everyone’s belongings and taking pictures and I didn’t like that. So, after I finished with the roller coasters, my mum and I split up with our friend group and the two of us enjoyed the rest of the park. Honestly, I love thrill rides but spending that time with my mum was so much fun and it really made the trip unforgettable.

The other ride was a drop tower but honestly, it didn’t go very high and it was like a springy ride going up and down. It just didn’t hold too much thrill for me and I decided to skip it.

Here’s my mum and I, before setting off for our set of rides:)

This is the entrance to a ride called ‘I for India’. It was a beautiful simulation ride which took one on a helicopter ride all over India, showcasing its beauty and glamour. I loved how it showed all the lesser known places of India and it’s great for people who crave for wanderlust and need to expand their bucket list. This ride was really thrilling and it left me totally awestruck. If ye lot are in Imagicaa, I’d definitely recommend this ride as a 10/10 must do because it is beautiful:)

Also, I love the little helicopter at the entrance. It is so cute!

This is a horror house ride called ‘Salimgarh’ meaning Fort Salim in Hindi. I was so thrilled with the outer decor and I honestly thought that the ride would be bone chilling but it was a BORING ride. The car that took us around the place was so slow and it was not the least bit scary. In fact, I waved at one of the ghosts and that ghost waved back.


As I speak about how hilarious this ride was, let me talk a bit about India and horror. Indians are very good at writing and filming horror. This can be seen in the works of Rabindranath Tagore and in old Bollywood movies such as ‘Wo Kaun Thi’ (transl: Who Was She?) and ‘Jaani Dushman’ (transl: Sworn Enemy).

However, in modern times, Indian horror has really taken a turn for the worse. The movies are more vulgar and disgusting rather than scary or they are so corny that it is laughable and the books are dark and complicated which completely wipes out the element of horror. This ride was actually a personification of modern horror, that too, the tacky side of horror. That was sad and I really feel that we as a country can raise our horror genre game.

This ride can definitely be skipped, it’s just good for a photo of the exteriors.

This was a ride based on a Bollywood movie called ‘Mr India’. It is the first themed ride in India and it was fun. I haven’t watched the movie completely but the plot is about a man called Mr India who runs an orphanage and he is pitted against a villain called Mogambo who kidnaps the children. It’s got all sorts of scientific gadgets and it makes for a fun ride which is good for kids.

My mum is a huge Bollywood fan and this ride was right up her alley. It left us with a smile and happy thoughts and it’s a good place to cool off after all the thrills and even some boring rides.

The last ride that my mum and I went to was another silly ride called ‘Alibaba and the forty thieves’. It’s one of those gun-fighting ride where the riders have to shoot at a target. My gun didn’t work and my mum’s gun shot at any random thing.


Honestly, though, I feel that the park could definitely level up on these rides because while the concept is good, the execution definitely falls flat.

I love the palace though. It looks magical, emerging through the trees and glistening through the rain:)

Funny how the boring rides have a fabulous exterior. That’s how you know that one must never judge a ride by its building.


Finally, here is the source of euphoria for my mum and me. Playing arcade games is one of our favourite past times and being avid players, we are very good at it. The first picture shows us with our prize from the duck picking game. The second picture is me with my prizes in the ‘Toss-the-ball’ games. I was so thrilled to win two huge plushies. I mastered the technique of making the balls stay in the bucket and that made me champion:)

The skill in arcade games is one that is mastered through practice. It is a matter of subtlety and there can be huge differences in the mere flick of a hand. Naysayers will call it luck but only real players know that it’s a skill that not everyone can master but if you aim for perfection, the plushie, is yours.

For more insights into winning arcade games, visit my YouTube channel SammyEarnsInArcadePlushies.


It’s even got a golden play button.

Which was also won in the arcade.


Do I come across as a gambler?


Now, Imma show ye some glimpses of Imagicaa in the night.


This is a ship-shaped restaurant called Arrmada. It is so beautiful and it sells some yummy enchiladas.

This is me with the Imagicaa castle in the background. I love how it all looks so magical and it gives me major Disneyland vibes.

Castle in close-up:)

Finally, Imma show you some glimpses of the Imagicaa parade which takes place in the hotel attached to the theme park.

Imagicaa has a lot of mascots called ‘Stars of Imagicaa’. The parade showcases the stars of Imagicaa and has some dancers and acrobats. It’s a small, cute parade and the joy that it gave me was immaculate.

Here’s a picture of me with Tubbby the Elephant. The main mascot of Imagicaa. I was so thrilled to get this picture because I love cute animal mascots and Tubbby had my full heart:) I mean, he can fly, that’s so cool.

The other mascots include Blu the Bear, Shera the Clown Fish, Hippy the Hippo, Roberto the Tiger Cub and lots more.

Here’s a poster showing them all:)

Finally, Imma end with a picture of me in a vintage car….


And that is a wrap.

Until next time!

Bye Barbie!




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