Santorini: Part 2

P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L.I.T.I.E.S. Meaning people. Meaning Humans. Meaning Idiots. Just Kidding!!!! Or am I? Ain’t no place without them! So, without further ado, here are the hoomans of Santorini! After this discourse, we can decide whether we be idiots or no, ok?

NUMBER 1: Lady in the restaurant @ Fira


The first thing that I should tell you is that I’m a Pisces, which means fish. Therefore, I love every place that sells fish, especially fried fish. I also tend to have a soft corner for people who encourage others to have fish, so here goes…. The waitress cum manager of Bakaliarakia(don’t ask me the pronunciation) was just the sort of person who fits the above description. This lady walked, talked, served(ate?) fish! It’s like I always say, people who love fish are the best human beings on the planet! So here’s to fish…..

NUMBER 2: Canadian Guy who got ditched on the Caldera tour.

This is a tale of heart-break. So let’s get poetic. Napkins out, everyone. So here comes this guy from Canada, to find the answer to his heart’s call. And what does he find? A girl worth fighting for. So our guy gets romantic and flirts like never before(he even buys her ice-cream). He gets friendly with her mom too. The girl? Well, she doesn’t give him a damn but then, she begins to warm up to him(she accepts the ice-cream and has lunch with him) And finally when the flowers of romance are about to bloom, she leaves him stranded on an island, burning under the sun with only sunscreen for company.


(The guy cried….I guess.)

NUMBER 3: Cranky receptionist @ Amerisa Suites

I understand that it is important to follow rules but what can you do if the rules aren’t told to you? You can’t just imagine them! (Trust me, if that was true, I would’ve turned my school into Disneyland!) Now this chic expected us to know that on your checkout day, you had to leave the room by 11, without even telling anything, heck it wasn’t even written on the website or anywhere else. On the day that we checked out, she comes at 11 and tells us that we have to leave the room at 11. Now the previous day, the other receptionist told us that the checkout time is one. You can imagine the frustration right?


And, that’s it for today! You guys can judge the idiotic levels for yourselves. Until next tim when I write about the actual sight seeing. See ya! xoxo

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