Travelogue 3: Pisa

Pisa is the birthplace of pizza.



Oh look, you see the little bell tower back there? It leans.

Alright, alright, alright…..History lesson!

The domed structure is where Galileo was baptised.

The house like building behind that is the cathedral where the same bloke invented the pendulum. Here is the chandelier that inspired him!


Galileo figaro!!!!Magnifico!!!!

That is Bohemian Rhapsody…..

End of History Lesson.

Alright, alright, alrightey then!!!! Now we shall discuss the tower. The Eiffel Tower.

Nope, that’s for another time. Presenting, the Leaning, Tower, Of, Pizza!!!!




The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a case in history where something is famous because of the blunders made by humankind. 

Wait a damn minute, why am I not famous for my blundered maths skills?! JUSTICE FOLKS!!!!


The little baby bell tower is banana-shaped because:

  • It is built on sandy soil.(Where’s that wise man now?!)

  • It is built with marble on sandy soil. (Imagine The Hulk doing a rope walk for visual aid.)

  • It balances seven heavy bells on the top storey despite the fact that it is built with marble on sandy soil. (Visual aid: Frankenstein decided to join The Hulk on that rope.)

There was a time when the people of Pisa had to actually use chords to stop the tower from falling. Humans. You can never tell.


Here’s the ticket. In ladybird colours!!!!

Jokes and blunders apart, the little baby banana tower is one of the best things in the world. It’s pretty, offers a good view and used to have an essential use of warning the humble citizens of Pisa when danger fell. So, RESPECT THE BABY!!!!!

The view.
One of the seven bells.
A random fallen angel….

And that was the show, ladies and gentlemen!!!!

And….that was the third city….Until the next time, when we will go someplace else….



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