Travelogue 4: Da Nang 1


Ok, that was random but what would anyone have written about Ba Na Hills????….Probably just ‘Ba Na Hills’.  The world does not deserve me.(*sob, sob*)


That bridge got HANDS….

Or do the hands have a bridge?

Ok, but we’re talking about a really patient dude here. I mean, whoever’s hands they are never had the urge to crack their knuckles?! Keep goin’ mate, you won’t find me volunteering to replace you.

Apparently, Ba Na Hills in Da Nang gives you an exclusive experience of all four seasons. It regulates mist naturally, but in Vietnam, the seasons are summer, summer, summer and summer. Get the idea????

IMG20190422094015                            Modes of transport never got any better!!!!

Oh you see that hand over there? It rocks.

I mean the hand can’t rock but its made of rock so it rocks but then again you can’t have rock without the hand or hand without rock ….Imma shut up.

Did ya know that the forest down below has s-s-s-snakes???? And that the bridge up there has hands???? And that the writer of this account is a Queen????

You knew the last one, didn’t you????


The Dragon Bridge

I’m guessing Daenerys built this one. #Khaleesi

If life gives you bridges, you are probably from Da Nang…..


The ironic thing is that I did not see good-looking gladiators in Rome but found this hot-shot in Vietnam. OOHHH, he golden!!!!

The reason I feel the love is because Aphrodite on the other side has favoured me. Hehe.


Tall people:√

Peacock garden:√


Ok, we’ve spoken about this. I’m too good for this world.

And that’s the tea! The next time, I will throw out some random information about this very rocking place because I’m all about the randoms!!!!!

See ya! BANANA!!!!


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