Travelogue 1: Santorini

If anyone of you out there even implies thinking that I’m out travelling the world at this juncture, you are clearly unhinged! I’m serious. Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, travel has become a taboo among people. Which is scary, considering many of us actually had travelling round the world in our bucket lists. So till the madness ends, and we are all able to get out there, Imma be posting some of my old travel accounts, just to cherish the memory and maybe show off bit. So, I request you all to stay home, sit back and watch the show. That being said,


No, literally, we be going on a boat. But we also be leaving Leonardo Dicaprio behind. Because Titanic…. But we’re in Greece so, maybe take him along too.

Great! Now that we’ve decided to take Mr. Dicaprio along, let’s actually get on board. So, in Greece, by which I mean the boat from Athens to Santorini, the captain isn’t gonna wish you good morning, no sir! Instead, he’ll take one look at you and go….MYKONO-SANTORINI

In an accent which makes the words sound nothing like how they should. In fact, my mum spent five minutes standing at the threshold, figuring out what the bloke meant. So finally, one decision and a boat ride later, here we are. Welcome to the Land of Churches. MAY THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPEL YOU! We’ll probably leave the exorcism out….

IMG20200401203046      This is Alex the Arse.


And this is a church. Which was given as a landmark to locate our hotel in case we got lost. The only catch was that there are nearly ten such churches, identical. Good luck finding the right one. May the power of Christ compel you. Right, no exorcism.

IMG20200401204012 CHURCH.

OK, moving on!


This is the story of Santa Claus and his girlfriend Irene. They were tired of the North Pole so they came to this random Mediterranean island. The longer they stayed, the stronger their love grew. So while leaving, they gave the island their ship name: Santirene which got a bit modified with modern culture and became the world’s most famous honeymoon  destination: SANTORINI [dedicated to the first honeymoon in the world. #SantaLovesIrene]

And then the volcano erupted.


Ok, that’s obviously not the real story. So here’s a tip. For the real story, log on to Please read all scheme related documents carefully.

Ok bye! Enjoy the sunset!


Have you got a sunshine smile?!

Oh wait, the sun’s setting…. Music change….


No? Ok, here goes….


Ok, I’ve run out of songs. Let’s sit back and enjoy the view of the moon island. Cause it looks like the moon. Duh!

Until next time…..Tomorrow that is, when I’ll be telling you about the Monsieurs et Mesdames who I encountered on the said moon island. Until then, Paka! I don’t know how to say ‘bye’ in Greek….So Imma be Russian. See ya!

To be continued….



4 thoughts on “Travelogue 1: Santorini

  1. Good to see you back in action. You captured a very unique aspect of Santorini, how the colour of white and blue makes it tough to track the trail

  2. I love your observation about the church as a landmark. The same thing happened to us in Padua, Italy, on one of our first trips. Our hotel was close to a major church/steeple, so I figured when we went for a walk one evening we were safe. Not a chance! Even though I kept that church steeple in sight! We walked around for over an hour, lost! It wasn’t until we found an information map by a park that we learned I was keeping track of the wrong church! There are dozens, maybe hundreds of church- steeples, so make sure you are tracking the right one! A good lesson!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I can totally relate to your struggles with the church steeple and it’s a unique experience even though it gets you thoroughly lost:)
      Have a great weekend!

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