Listing the Buckets!!!!or simply the bucket list….

The list is as follows: 1. Tin Buckets(3) 2. Plastic buckets in red(2) 3…. Hehe. Ok, now lets go to the things I haven’t quite achieved….yet…. The Bucket List!!!! Morgan Freeman, here we go!!!! Number the first: DISCO DANCING WITH  QUEEN ELIZABETH. That’s right, Lilibet herself! Let’s actually look at Lilibet now,  her adherence to Royal Protocol and the very fact that she is the longest ruling … Continue reading Listing the Buckets!!!!or simply the bucket list….

Sikkim, India

Smallest state in India, ladies and blokes!!!! Da Baby In Da House! ft. the third highest mountain in the world. AKA the Kanchenjunga. AKA…. This lil’ mountain. This picture was taken from the hotel where I was staying. It was literally the view out the window in daylight! Consequently, the hotel had some rather interesting modes of watching this giant slab of vanilla ice-cream! You … Continue reading Sikkim, India

5 Types of People You Come Across While Travelling….

People. Humans. Homo sapiens sapiens. PeRsOnAlItIeS…. People person’s paper people!!!! Dunder Mifflin! Paper needs aside, we are gathered here today to celebrate humanity! Specifically the travel community. Meaning tourists. And Hotel Staff. And receptionists. And Tour guides. And the random guy on the street who translates for you or gives your lost self some directions. All. of. them. The people you come across on tour … Continue reading 5 Types of People You Come Across While Travelling….

Flip card 1: Shopping in Singapore.

The story of my life. Chapter 1 The Universal Haul That’s right! I got home the Globe!!!!! I am the Queen of the world!!!! Hehe….But I did get home certain, well, mummies….One mummy, to be precise, my own, and another one, who might just eat you, if it weren’t such a cutie pie!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Morgan the Mummy!!!! Warning: This mummy is 100% … Continue reading Flip card 1: Shopping in Singapore.


THIS IS NOT AN ACROBATIC POLICE DEPARTMENT!!!! I mean, Acro-Polis….Acrobats+Police….Acrobatic Police….Monitoring every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take…. The owl is watching!!!! Hehe…. Presenting….The one way ticket to Tartarus!!!! Damn!!!! No literally….DAMN!!!! IT IS JUST A METRO TICKET…. On the Orient Express to Busan!!!! We are in Greece…. Cause I set fireeeee!!!!! To the Rainnnnn!!!! This … Continue reading ATHENS.


Happiest place on Earth, ladies and gentlemen! I think this is what John Lennon visualised while writing ‘Imagine’. I mean, princesses and castles, what more could anyone possibly want?! Bears? Beets? Battlestar Galactica? I can give you bears…. Pooh Bear….The bear with a very big heart and a rumbly in his tummy….I assure you, it’s the real Pooh. Ain’ no im’pooh’ster!!! Hehe. OK, so, Imma … Continue reading DISNEYLAND!!!!


Paris is always a good idea….said Audrey Hepburn once. I’m pretty sure that she was one hell of a cardio enthusiast cause you know what you have to do to get a good view around here???? Climb two hundred and fifty steps. It’s a cliiimbbbb!!!!! Right up to the church. Sacre Cour mesdames et messieurs. May the power of Christ compel you. So, this church was … Continue reading Paris….

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Let’s go meet Cam!!!! by which I mean Cambodia. Not Cameroon or Cameron Diaz or Cameras. Alright, cam we, I mean can we stop already? I’ll cam, I mean ca’l’m down. From this point on, I am not laughing at Cam. Not one bit. I’m stone-faced. Like this one, see? Stone faced. Face of stone. I had meant metaphorically but things got real….LIGHTS, CAM, ACTION!!!! Hehe. … Continue reading Siem Reap, Cambodia