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Ok, in my defence, those are cute pyjamas but when I say PJ, I don’t mean a very comfortable piece of clothing, I mean Putrajaya which is the prettiest, most grand city in Malaysia, just a short drive away from Kuala Lumpur.

When I went to Malaysia last year, I wasn’t really aware of a place called Putrajaya but my mum had heard of it and that led to us planning a day trip there. At first, all I was told is that the Prime Minister has his palace there and honestly, that didn’t get all my gears turning. But then, as I explored KL and researched a bit on its outskirts, I found that Putrajaya has a Secret Garden and whenever anything has the word “Secret” attached to it, I consider it my moral duty to go and visit it.


Little did I know that entering the city would sweep me off my feet and that the place was paradise….

This is how one enters Putrajaya. This bridge is called the Seri Wawasan bridge and it changes colours at night. When I crossed this bridge in the taxi, I didn’t realise that it was this huge so when I actually stopped to take a few photos, I legit got goose pimples. The shape of the bridge is very unique and that makes it more towering and when one looks it at it for too long, one could swear that it has tilted forward. I love how the sun has come directly above the spike. It feels as though the spike is charging in the sun and at night, it lets out sparks and opens up the skies, like Thor’s hammer. The bridge is very futuristic and reminds me of something straight out of the Avengers so I wouldn’t really be surprised if it did give out sparks, hehe….

The other very artistic thing here is the contrast between the road and the pavement. The pavement looks like a Royal walk that takes one back in time but the road with all its super cars and taxis symbolise progress and modernity. So if any car were to stray on the pavement, it would be a practical example of rejecting modernity and embracing tradition. Hehe….

Don’t crash your cars after hearing that joke….It isn’t worth topping the insurance.


When I say that the city of Towns Putrajaya blew my mind, I meant it because of the views. Every where you turn, there’s a piece of Earth decked in both natural and man-made splendour. This is a view of the Putra river and the monuments on its banks. I love the small patch of houses leading up to the monuments. It gives me European village vibes which is quite amusing. The pink domed building is the Putra Mosque and the smaller green dome belongs to the Prime Minister’s palace. The mosque’s dome was under construction but on close-up, one can see the detailed designs on the dome.

I absolutely love the colour of the mosque. I have always been a typical pink loving girl and except for one particular shade of pink, the colour makes me go all Ooh-la-la, hehe…. The shade that I don’t like is the one that I like to call “dirty pink” and it used to be the colour of my school tie. I also like the multiple smaller domes on both, the mosque and the palace and it reminds me of Jasmine’s palace in Aladdin.

This is a street in the interiors of the city. Most of the streets are cobblestoned which gives a very Royal vibe to the place. The flags on the lamp posts give me a feeling that a Royal is about to arrive and driving along this road made me feel like a Royal. The buildings are mostly banks or government offices for diplomatic and other services. Putrajaya is mostly home to a lot of government workers and diplomats and I loved the city so much that I told my mother that I will be marrying a diplomat and when he’s posted to Malaysia, he’ll be put up here and I can come live here.

I can seriously picture taking my cat out for a walk in the mornings and just sitting back and watching the sunset by the bridge and skating in the multiple parks. All I need to do is find a diplomat because I don’t have the credentials to become one, hehe….

Sweet dreams are made of these….


This is the city centre in front of the Prime Minister’s palace. I was so lucky to get the square empty because Putrajaya is quite a popular getaway destination and it can get very crowded. I love taking a shot of a city with its label and flag as it’s so systematic and I love me a little methodology, hehe. The centre square is quite popular among skate boarders and roller skaters and I really missed bringing my skates and taking a twirl around. However, this is my future home so I will have all the time to do that, hehe.

The sign lights up at night and I will come to that view in a bit.

Talk to the Hand.

Hehe…. This is a park right in front of the centre square and the hand sculpture marks its entrance. I didn’t notice the Hand till I clicked the photo and I honestly thought I captured a ghost till I looked up and realised that I’ve been a victim of a not-so-camouflage. hehe….

This is how the park looks from the inside. It is a long walk along the river and there’s also bicycles and skates for rent. The park is divided by these tunnels which contains souvenir shops and bicycle rentals before emerging out into another long stretch of pavement with a new riverside view. This is the first stretch of the park with a more naturalistic view….Here’s the close up.

There is something so addictive about riverside views. I love the tranquility and the contrast between water and sky. I am not someone who takes impulsive sky pics but here, it was tempting. I love how the clouds give this skimming effect that contrast fantastically with the greenery and the river.

This is the second stretch of the park with a more futuristic river view. There’s the Seri Wawasan Bridge in all its splendour along with that cute fountain which makes the surroundings very cool. Malaysia is quite a hot and humid place and fountains and sprinklers are often very comforting.

Here’s the best view that I saw in Putrajaya:) Cats are divine beings and seeing a cat on your travels is always a good sign. Ever since I adopted a kitty, I have become quite a cat magnet and I couldn’t be happier. The first cat, named Poirot, is just chilling in the shade while the other three, named Stinky, Sleepy and Pussy, are dozing off during a council meeting.

100/10 good bois and gals right there:)

A short drive away from the park is the Palace of Justice. I love how they call it Palace of Justice, like it feels as though you just walk in and boom, all your enemies are defeated.

It is actually a court, though so I’m not sure things proceed that smoothly, hehe….

It is very difficult to get a picture of this because it is quite huge and there’s not much range to get a full picture up front but I like how the tilted image makes it towering.

Here’s a glimpse of the walk to the Prime Minister’s palace. It is actually taken on a kind of zebra crossing and I took so many angles of this because I simply couldn’t get enough. There is something very grand about flag lined walks that gives me a sense of patriotism, no matter which country I’m in. I also love the shrub pots which add a little colour. The buildings too are so vintage and this scene is exactly what sold me to finding a diplomat who is going to be posted here, hehe:)

This gateway is right opposite the Palace of Justice. Inside, there’s a mosque completely made of steel which is so contemporary and cool. The mosque looks real futuristic which is quite a beautiful amalgamation between the past and future.

This is the Seri Gemilang Bridge which leads to the Convention Centre. The bridge is straight out of a Disney movie and for a while I felt as though I was in Disneyland. It is a very popular photo spot for sunsets and sunrises because it’s got a clear horizon. I simply love how the sky swirls in this photo, making it all the more mystical.

After exploring the city, we returned to the centre square to get the night view.

Ok, this is a cat on a leash….Night views coming in 3….2….1….

Ok, this is so techno, hehe….

Disco Bridge….Lovin’ the galaxy colours on the Wawasan bridge. Also, the sky is so beautiful here, the palette is mind blowing!

There’s always something so magical about night views.

Remember the Secret Garden I told you about? This is it….It is literally hidden away on top of a small hillock and it is a techno light paradise, best seen at night. This tree is probably inspired by Avatar, hehe:)

The movie scared me as a kid….

This is the bridge as seen from the garden. It looks like an approaching shark which is quite scary even though it looks lovely. The Secret Garden is a popular date spot and I feel it’s apt to blog about it before Valentine’s Day falls upon us:)

This is my favourite part of the Secret Garden. The Neon T-rex is so trendy and I love the random hands beside it. It’s hard to get a photo with the T-rex but I was so lucky to get a pic of it without the throngs.

His name is Todd, btw. Say hi!

This is the Tree of Life replica which is really pretty and has a great vibe to it. I wonder if it actually works though….I’ll let you know in a 100 years’ time!


And that is a wrap.

Until Next Time,

Auf Wiedersehen:))


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