A Drama in Time

Here’s a neat quote that I came across: A city is more than a place in space; it is a drama in time.

Comparing a city to a drama is probably the most accurate analogies I’ve come across. City life presents itself in the forms of a light-hearted comedy, a romantic waltz and finally, a catchy musical courtesy the traffic.


And as a hardcore city girl, I’ve had the honour of witnessing it all.

In this post, Imma go through some of the cities I’ve travelled and bring to you the ultimate drama in time. I’m also going to allot a category of drama to each city to live up to the quote. It’s time for the City Tour™.

I’m going to begin with the city of Pune. My home city:) This picture is of a riverside hotel complete with a full moon. The bridge from where I took the photo is one of the busiest places in the city, especially after sundown. If I had to classify Pune into a category of drama, it would definitely be a romantic comedy as it’s packed with the adrenaline as well as the serenity that goes with the language of love, topped by the comical instances of it’s citizens who never provide a dull moment with their antiques. :))

A fountain in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When I say that the Malay capital is the ‘City of Contrast’, I mean the amalgamation of bustle and the metropolitan silence such as the mood in this picture. Not far from the spot is the culinary hub of the city which is the embodiment of city tunes in its greatest form. Kuala Lumpur would definitely be a strong musical when it comes to dramatic categorisation.

A pavement in Hanoi, Vietnam. This city was one of my most unique travel destinations and even now, it remains an element of curiosity whenever I think about the trips to South Asia. Hanoi, in dramas, is definitely an opera.

The city of Istanbul, Turkey. The tower in the centre is called the ‘Galata Tower’ and it reminds me of the tower where Rapunzel was kept in the film ‘Tangled’. This is turning into one Disney movie after all.


A graffiti train in Athens, Greece. What I absolutely love here is the clash of culture. You’ve got the Acropolis complex on the hill, which is the literal blueprint of the ancient ages and in the middle of it all, you’ve got a dash of hip-hop courtesy the train. It’s almost as if the train has time travelled to Ancient Greece and is simply vibing with Athena and the Olympians. That’s a comedy right there.

The Char Minar in the city of Hyderabad, India. Here’s a place where the chances of getting hit by a car while taking pictures are never zero. As you can see, the structure is right in the middle of a narrow, busy road, thronged by commuters and tourists alike. Obviously, when the founder of the city built this structure in 1591, traffic wasn’t the first thing that came to mind, considering it was a symbol of hope at the end of the plague epidemic in the city. Talking of dramas, this one’s a historical tragicomedy.

The shopping paradise on Earth, only in Paris, France. This is one of the few pictures from our Paris trip which doesn’t feature the good ol’ Tower of Eiffel. The funny thing here is that our hotel in Paris was just down the lane from the Galeries Lafayette and we weren’t aware of that. We started walking from our hotel towards the open road, in the hopes of navigating the route from there and you can only imagine the surprise when the open road presented our destination itself. Paris, to me, feels like a whole package of dramatic elements, from romance to action to absolute vintage. It’s one great idea for all!

A Gothic cityscape in Edinburgh, Scotland. This picture reminds me of all the gothic classics, right from Frankenstein to Dracula and Dorian Grey, all in a party with Nessie. Edinburgh has a close association with ghosts and other supernatural stuff and if you’re a fan of ghost stories, I recommend the tour called the ‘Ghostly Underground’ which takes tourists on a walk through Edinburgh’s vaults, complete with dramatic storytelling and a supernatural encounter(I am dead serious). To ease the nerves, this tour happens in the afternoon but the supernatural encounter that I mentioned will definitely be responsible for sleepless nights. In terms of drama, Edinburgh is a full-fledged Penny Dreadful. Anyone up for a seance?

To top it all off, here’s a ghostly riddle for ya:

What did the Papa Ghost say to his daughter when she won a running race?

Answer: That’s the spirit!


And that is a wrap!

Until next time:)


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