The Italian Postcard

Here’s a neat quote that I came across: Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.

Honestly, Italy made its way into my dreams after watching ‘Gladiator’ and studying about the Roman Empire in school and when I actually visited the country, especially the city of Rome, the magnitude of the glorious empire mingled with the influence of the Renaissance literally emanated from every nook and cranny.

During our trip, we covered two cities; Rome and Pisa and both of them had so much to offer in addition to what history depicts them to showcase, so, without further ado, Imma take ya on a photo-trip down memory lane and into a dream.


This is the entrance to the Vatican Museum. Honestly, the gate is only the beginning to an ocean of everything artistic!

A fresco on the ceiling of a vault corridor in the Musei Vaticani. Now, most people visit the Vatican Museum for a glimpse of the Sistine Chapel which is at the end of the whole museum. The chapel is a true example of Michaelagelo’s divine work and it really makes one wonder at the efforts taken to carve and paint the whole ceiling at a time when technology was at its most nascent phase however, the only catch is that it is forbidden to photograph the chapel. The rest of the museum is open to photography and while the Sistine Chapel is the icing on the cake, the rest of the artistry is almost as breathtaking and often, in a hurry to rush past the crowd and into the Sistine Chapel, a lot of people miss out on some real mind-blowing pieces of art such as this ceiling.

My recommendation here is to go slow and take in all the rooms of the museum before heading to the chapel. Trust me, it will leave you in awe! Besides, the museum is rather crowded and one can only be so good at jumping queues without being in a trample. Going slow will not only acquaint you to a whole world of art but will also do wonders for a safe museum trip.

There was a dream that was Rome. The Colosseum is one place which truly leaves an impact. All you need to do is stand there in peace and the stones tell a story of a dream that once was. The impact of the monument isn’t exactly one that boasts of the glory of the Roman Empire but it tells a wistful tale of all the gladiators who went through so much brutality for mere entertainment of a fickle crowd. This is a monument that actually shows how haunting history can really be.

Night Mode.

On a lighter note, the Roman Forum where resided the rich guys. Honestly, in this place, you look at a random pole and the signboard says that it was once a posh mansion of some Senator. In this picture, you can also see the statue of Victory atop the Piazza Venezia on the right.

A fancy train that I saw while waiting for my train to Pisa. It reminds me of the Hogwarts Express and the Orient Express all in one. Wonder what’s in it? A witch with a sweet-filled trolley or a group of passengers with a morbid plan for revenge?


Destination Pisa. This picture brings me so much of calm! It is a spot on a bridge over the River Arno, not far from the Leaning Tower. I like the symmetry of the buildings and the smooth, blue column of Neptune’s element in the middle. Besides, there’s also the wee moon, still tiny in the sun’s glare:)

A random bell tower that could be the perfect postcard picture:))

The Tower That Leans. A product of human blunder owing to the fact that no one listened to a certain wise man who had warned us not to build a house upon the sand. However, a little bit of rebellion goes a long way and this wee baby tower which is basically tonnes of marble on sandy soil has etched its name in pages of history and in the hearts of mankind.

Both these photos are from the Cathedral where Galileo discovered oscillations in a pendulum, courtesy the chandelier on the picture to the right. On the left, there’s a ceiling which reminds me of a waffle in the same cathedral.

That escalated quickly….

Finally, here’s a curious sculpture at the Leonardo Da Vinci airport. This guy has eyes that light up when you put your hand through the mouth. It reminds of Alibaba’s Cave for some reason and was a fun end to the trip.

And that is a wrap,

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  1. Amazing photos – that last one really made me laugh!
    I went to Venice a couple of years ago and fell in love with it and I really want to explore the rest of the country!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment:) The last picture was quite a funny run-in at the airport! Venice is definitely on my bucket list! I’ve heard so many lovely things about the place!
      Have a great weekend:))

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