The Window Seat

Robin Williams once said, “There’s a world out there. Open a window, and it’s there.

One unsung aspect while travelling the world is the window seat. Sitting by the window in a moving vehicle adds a whole new depth to the journey. It shows a glimpse of a network, be it by road or by sea or even by air, which connects the world and gives an insight into its vastness. Views from a window seat show some of the most famous landmarks of the world fused with their surroundings, besides showing the different faces of our planet as we wander its rocky abode.

This was taken from the window seat of the train from London to Edinburgh, featuring the North Sea and a neat row of houses and typical British weather.


One of my favourite shots from the Scottish Highlands Tour bus. I like how both scrub and mountain fuse in this one.


A sail boat cruising down the Mediterranean in Santorini, taken from a sailboat where the deck was one open window.


The island of Oia, Santorini. #sailboatphotography


A fusion of culture. The Dome of the St. Peter’s Basilica behind a fence of graffiti. Taken on the train from Rome to Pisa.


The Galata Tower. Taken from a bus on the way to our hotel in Istanbul.


The bus ride from the airport to the hotel, featuring the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.


Seagulls on the Mediterranean. En route the airport, Istanbul. #taxiphotograhy


Dawn in Siem Reap, with the Angkor Wat in the distance. Taken from the taxi en route the monument.


The Golden Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam. Over a forest. Taken from a cable car.


Well said, Mr. Williams, there is truly a world out there.

And that is a wrap!

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