Natural History Museum, London

Here’s some food for imagination:

What if dinosaurs never went extinct?

I mean, that would be a world where you’re on a nice little road trip down a winding, forested hill and suddenly, instead of a deer crossing the road, there’s a full grown Triceratops trotting across tar to the other side. Also, there would be no chance of scuba diving if our reptilian predecessors existed. Besides, Bear Grylls would have a show called ‘Man vs. Saur’ cause ‘wild’ would be an understatement.

What a world!

Here’s a glimpse of what that world would look like. Dinosaurs, combined with a trip inside a volcano.

Welcome to the Natural History Museum.



Strong Opener, right there. Steve the Stegosaurus. Fun fact: Stegosaurs were one of the dinosaurs used as an inspiration for Godzilla. The other two were the T-rex and the Iguanodon.


This bad girl right here is why there would be no scuba diving if dinosaurs existed. Pauline the Plesiosaurus was one of the scariest marine predators in the late Triassic period. Interestingly, plesiosaurs are believed to be doting mums.

Another interesting fact about Plesiosaurs is that these folks were discovered by Mary Annings who found a fossil in Dorset, England. Imagine going for a walk and finding a million year old reptile. Quite some exercise, ain’ it?


This guy is the Megatherium. Basically a prehistoric sloth bear. His name’s Max. Contrary to the three-toed sloths we see today, this guy stood way taller and weighed way more. His succesors are wee babies but this one’s one Papa Bear.


Mammoth. Manny from Ice Age. Mammoths were one of the creatures mostly impacted by climate change and the rise of humans. There’s an ongoing debate on whether it is possible to bring one back from extinction, courtesy a well preserved fossil named ‘Buttercup’. That would really be something, won’t it?



This one’s an Ichthyosaurus. Another hindrance to scuba diving if dinosaurs existed. This gal named Isabelle was believed to compete with Pauline the Plesiosaurus. Donno who won though.


See that big dome in the background? That’s an entrance into a Volcano. It go boom!
J.K. it’s the entrance to the Earth section of the museum. Still though, it go boom. 

This video at the end is to show how long a Diplodoccus skeleton is. It took a video to show that. That’s Dippy by the way, make sure you say hi!

And that is a wrap!

Until next time!

Enjoy Dippy, my folks!:)

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