The K.L Contrast

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Dangling restaurants in the air? Also check()

It’s the sort of city where you’ve got it all, from nature to human progress, welcome to Kuala Lumpur.

This city was one which got me interested right from the time we landed. Right from the airport.

Now, to be very honest, I’m not one to eat on a plane, owing to air-sickness so whenever I get off a plane, I feel an absolute need for a bite to eat, else I cannot get a grip. What delights me was that Kuala Lumpur International Airport was one place that delighted my hungry, fanatic self. Right outside the baggage collection hall, there’s an entire alley full of chocolate shops and restaurants. And to make things better, the restaurants sold all kinds of food, from rolls to curries to sushi to cafes, so even if there’s a picky eater landing in K.L. the airport has them covered.

Apart from the culinary convenience, K.L. airport is an absolute delight for any sort of fanatic. There was a shop that exclusively sold Funko Pops and another one which was an official Marvel store, selling exclusive Avengers Endgame merchandise, hyping up it’s release, considering I visited in 2019. I bought a Thor. And three baby funkos….Here’s presenting….

Dumbledore looks like a thug life character, ready to go all ‘Stupefy!’:)And Baby Strange is here to bargain.

Right, let’s move out of the airport now….

So off we went, in a van, speeding across the Malaysian capital. With a 10/10 view featuring the K.L. Tower or the Menara Kuala Lumpur and the Petronas Twin Towers….


The picture on the right shows the exact contrast when talking about the city. It shows the transition from residential low-rise buildings to a literal skyscraper, all in a taxi ride.

The picture on the left shows the tower emerging from greenery which brings about the natural vs. man-made contrast.


So, on our first day in K.L., my dad had a surprise planned. That very evening, we left the hotel, got into a taxi, jetted off into the night sky and had dinner there.

A.K.A Dinner in the Sky….



Alright, here’s how we’re gonna go about discussing this. Dinner In The Sky consists of this huge floating, revolving table, suspended from a crane, by very strong cords. They bring the table down for guests to climb aboard….

Like so. The table is on a platform with fixed gamer chairs(not literally, but that’s the closest comparison….). These chairs are fixed to the ground but they happen to be swivel chairs which lean all the way back. So basically, if you’re really brave or if Tom Cruise decides to dine here, you/he would be up in the sky, gazillion feet above the ground and lean back to the extent that the only thing between you and the Earth’s atmosphere and gravitational pull is a swivelling gamer chair.

P.S. I did not do the leaning, hence I have no pictorial evidence.

However, as Miley Cyrus rightly said, life’s a climb, but the view’s great.

The way this table goes up is like those hundred foot drop rides, slowly and revolving. And that’s where the similarities end.

The table does revolve, every ten minutes but minus the drop so….yeah.

Alright, now for the food. Personally, I did not quite enjoy the culinary aspect of things here. It was a three course meal, but this dinner is more of a spectacle for the whole sky-dangling experience. However, this is just my take, some of you might enjoy the food, it’s all in the taste-buds.

Ending this experience with a gamer chair, dangling in the air family photo….

Alright, moving on….Let’s go shopping.

K.L has two types of malls. One which is like an all-goods-available market and one which caters to the big brands. And let me tell you, both are amazing! The smaller malls sell literally everything under the sun, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. right from groceries to clothes to home decor to hair accessories to sweets to the Moon, everything. Hehe.

Once again though, Contrast™

The malls in K.L. are all concentrated in one area. This makes it easier, I guess, cause if something ain’ available in one mall, you could just pop in next door.

There’s also this amazing fountain outside the Pavilion Mall, K.L.

-Love, Victoria.



Anyway, who wants to see twins?

Here goes, Dwight….

Personally, I find these towers very friendly. Besides, there’s even a baby version.

The icon of K.L. Once again, if you look at these sets of twins, we have what we call, CoNtRaSt.

The Petronas Towers have a sky-deck but the day we visited was the weekly holiday for the towers. We did go inside though, just not all the way to the top. We did go to the lobby and visited the souvenir shop though.

Talking of the Petronas Towers souvenirs, every star in K.L. sells Towers shaped sharpeners. Sharpeners are those items of stationery which we all often forget to credit but here, there’s an entire population of cute Twin sharpeners. Here’s my sharpener….

The Petronas Twins, folks!

At the end of the walking trip, after a mad spree of shopping and watching towers, we will take a turn into Bukit Bintang for some real good culinary fiesta!

Now this is some real good food! You’ve got the famous Satay and seafood and basically everything that sums up Asian culinary delight. That’s the lively local food section of Kuala Lumpur!

The entire street is filled with eateries and it is so hard to choose as every menu sounds absolutely lovely and the whole environment builds up one wolfish appetite.

After having satisfied our culinary pleasure, we walked back to our hotel. Kuala Lumpur has these connecting tunnels which literally run across streets, into malls and right uptown wherever you wanna go. There’s no telling where one tunnel ends and the other begins and it seems like a literal maze but surprisingly, following a tunnel magically leads you to your destination. It’s as though your feet just know where they’re going in these tunnels.

On the way back, before entering these magical tunnels, I made a friend!

Meet Sylvia the Snail….


And as a parting gift, here’s one of the best glasses of vanilla latte I ever had, in the airport, during the departure back home.

And that is a wrap!

Until Next Time,

Auf Wiedersehen!:))

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