Flip card 1: Shopping in Singapore.


The story of my life.

Chapter 1

The Universal Haul

That’s right! I got home the Globe!!!!! I am the Queen of the world!!!!


Hehe….But I did get home certain, well, mummies….One mummy, to be precise, my own, and another one, who might just eat you, if it weren’t such a cutie pie!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Morgan the Mummy!!!!

Warning: This mummy is 100% scary and will eat you….FOR CLEOPATRA!!!!!


And guess who helped me steal that Globe??!!!

Which I did, very much….Cause I had help from the very best….

crime minions!!!!!

No, I mean, I literally had help from a minion….


Bananas, ain’ it?!!!

That’s Bob, by the way, his teddy was the accomplice….

And now we all are on…..


Chapter 2

A Rocket ship on my way to Mars

On a collision course, like a satellite….

I’m out of control!!!!

And guess who they call Mr. Fahrenheit?!!

Ok, so getting my boys to Rock everyone was a trip to Mars in itself!!!!

These Funko pops were long on my Wishlist and from all my research, I found that they were available in Singapore. So the moment I set foot in the city and went out shopping, I literally googled the shelves of the toy shops for these bad boys!!!! Finally, I found that they were available in a shop at Bugis Junction, hence we went, across the city, on a rocket ship, to Shop number 03-10A, named ‘Simply Toys’ at the Bugis Mall and literally skidded to a halt and came out with the prize!!!!

And that kids, is how I have Freddie Mercury on my table….

*I Want It All vibes intensifies*

Chapter 3

Beauty and the Spring-Summer ’19

So, like I said, I’m totally one for googling shop shelves so the search for a Disney Store led the fam to Takashimaya on Orchard Street. Here, my mother and I got absorbed into some really cool bags from ‘Desigual’. The Spring-Summer 2019 collection….


Let’s talk Mickey Mouse, shall we?!

Hehe, everybody! It’s me, Mickey Mouse!

Say, want to come inside my club house????


And they say that you can’t hear text….

Tale as old as time….

Belle stood on a Bat Sign!!!!!

And that ends my career in the songwriting industry….


Dancing on a Mac,

Never looking back!

Beauty and the Bat!!!!

I still have hopes…..

Chapter 4

Lady Godiva and the Pet Shop Boys


Ft. Leonidas cause this was a whole new level of Lunatix!!!!

I mean, why else would there be chocolate involved??!!

West End Girls….

I meant my girls….The Pet Shop Girls….

If you see an entire universe of plushies here, know that I am the inspiration for Toy Story….


Ok, the penultimate plushie wants to introduce himself with a haiku of sorts….

I was a lion when I was born

Then I magically grew a horn

I know that this is not the norm

But now I am a unicorn


Ramsey the Lioncorn!!!!

His birthday is on August 16.

Before I bring the last plushie, Imma tell you that I want to live in Toys ‘R’ Us….

And also that I bought certain Merlion merchandise….


The caption on the side, in red glitter is….

The day I take over Toys ‘R’ Us is the day my life’s complete…..

I’m gonna be an adult next year….

I mean, I did visit a gown store….That’s the cover.

So yeah, Imma be an adult next year.

Here’s a poodle who looks like a cotton ball….The name’s Polly….


He protecc

He attacc

But most importantly….

He got yo’ bacc

I mean, with that glare, no goon’s ever gonna hurt ya’

And that’s a wrap!!!!

Until next time!!!!



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