Keep Calm, it’s London!

And Gerard Butler said that it has fallen. Heck, the man thinks Olympus has fallen but here we are.

News Flash:London is just fine! 

And that’s the tea!

God save the Queen.

I don’t get why people always associate the act of falling with London. ‘London has Fallen’, ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’, like get a grip! Use those little grey cells!


Dame Christie did a capital job in building an entire universe of little grey cells, let’s not bring it cascading down. In other words, don’t make it fall.

Speaking of falling, the only thing that connects the action with Britain is the apple that fell on Newton’s head and activated his grey cells, so much that he felt entitled to the universe and decided to make his own rules about running the cosmos. I mean, there is no topic in physics that doesn’t have a Newton’s law in it. Who gave him the right?!


One of the above has a pea sized IQ.

It’s me, who am I kidding? But then again, electricity can be conducted and the neurones of the brain carry electronic impulses which can easily be conducted to me but owing to inertia of position, as stated by Newton’s First Law of Motion, the neurones refuse to move, owing to the lack of energy as stated by E= mc² and boom!

Guess what?! Physics is cancelled.

Nobody move! I dropped me brain!

Me too, Jack Sparrow, me too.

“If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it.” – Jack Sparrow

in other words, the clock’s ticking….


And now we have the folks who’ve dropped their brains….


One of us cancelled Physics and the other one has a jar of dirt.


The Doctor will see you now!

Ok, what else is a big eye and is seen by the Doctor?


The eye of London….


Ok, time for another proof….The London Bridge has indeed not fallen or maybe it had and the fair lady concerned did a fantastic job with the iron bars.


And now for some canaries….


Canary Wharf, ladies and blokes!

When the London Bridge fell, back in the Roman times, the shards in the debris were recycled and today, we have ‘The Shard’.


That’s probably not what happened….

Go Foxes!!!!

Beat em’ fair and square!

Cause we talkin’ about Leicester Square.


Leicester Square has an M&Ms store….

Leicester Square has a four storey M&Ms store….

Leicester Square has an M&Ms store….

Ok, Imma have an M&M.

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

That’s Eminem.


Ok that’s enough dilly dallying! Piccadilly has a circus to show!


I meant the Piccadilly Circus….

Ok, let’s have some history, shall we?

During the War of the Third Coalition of the Napoleanic Wars, Nelson lead the British Navy, hence assuring that Napolean never conquered Britain….Like ever.

This same Nelson, has a column, at the Trafalgar Square.


End of History lesson.

Here’s a tip:

Mind the Gap!


The Life line of London….

P.S. Finsbury Park is the BEST….It’s got big thrill rides….

It’s got the London Fair!


It’s also got a neat cake shop by the name of ‘The Happening Bagel’ and an Arsenal merchandise store. It’s Central London, mate!

And that’s London in a nutshell! Fish and chips with a cup of tea!

And that’s a wrap!

Until next time!

And as Shakespeare once said, I bid thee farewell.

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