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To kick off the Earth Day celebrations, here’s a question that stimulates contemplation:

What international prize did the cat with butt implants win?

-10 if you say a plastic trophy.

+50 if you say a Global Cat-Ass-Trophy.

The number of electronics destroyed as a result of that joke is catastrophic….


The Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years. In her long tenure, she’s endured countless events of catastrophe countless instances of bad humour and probably countless cats with butt implants but you know what’s commendable?

The fact that she still keeps moving.

Our planet is an inspirational piece of stone. She sustains life, she heals and flourishes, she shields us from all cosmic dangers and above all, she looks good doing it.

In this blog, Imma show some glimpses of the Earth in all her glamour and show some gratitude for all that our planet does for us.

So without further ado, let’s get this Earth Day started:)

The first picture is a lady bird on a marigold flower. I absolutely love the monochrome here and the black pattern on the lady bird adds a minimalistic design that really makes the scene stand out. The Earth is a colourful place and in that colour, there’s harmony. The flower is a cool place of food and shelter for the lady bird and the insect reciprocates by protecting the plants and flowers from predators.

Whenever I read about instances of symbiotic harmony in living beings, it warms my heart and it brings home the fact that the Earth is a place where love grows and helping each other is a sure shot way of getting things done.

Also, lady birds are so cute, much like every animal, bird and insect that dwells on this planet.

Except mosquitoes and cockroaches. Dunno why the Earth has those….

Perhaps as a sort of judgement trial for humans?


Flowers. Jewels of the planet. The symbol of Love.

And the one reason why Miley Cyrus is relevant today….


Moving over that song, I love how the sun rays penetrate through the bunch of flowers and give them their daily dose of nourishment. I can literally feel the photosynthesis taking place and I think that’s beautiful.

The very ability of plants to sustain themselves is an example of how the Earth is a self reliant goddess with a penchant for healing and growing back stronger.

Whenever you look at any place that has been over commercialised and then abandoned, there is always a time when nature reclaims the land and rejuvenates it. The Earth has a way to mend the destruction caused by man and this should be wake up call for us humans to live more in harmony and stop testing the Earth because after all, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Earth.

Even in the bleakest of environments, the Earth finds a way to sustain life. This picture is that of a plateau in Mahabaleshwar, a town in the state of Maharashtra which is rather barren because of a dry, scorching Indian summer but here’s a large puddle that has plenty of water that was quite a blessing for the horses and the dogs in the area. There’s also some vegetation in the corner and when I was here, I did see some horses grazing on it which really made me believe that the Earth does take care of us and all we need to do is have some trust in her.

Also, I love the contrast of the barren plateau and the sparkling water. It feels very surreal and reminds me a bit of Star Wars for some reason.


Personally, I feel that the Earth is the most vibrant at night. In this picture, taken at a temple in Pune, I love the radiating peace, coming from the silent trees, the clear sky and the tranquility of the bridge and the bench. Night time has always seemed to me as a time of healing and the energy that one gets from the silence f the night is often calming as compared to the rushed vigour that one gets in the day.

Unless you’re a morning person, in which case, you can see yourself to Mars.



The Earth cannot function without its ducks and this picture is a tribute to the duck of the world. These birds are the epitome of simply existing, no matter the conditions and I feel that their vibe is immaculate. This duck, for instance, lives in a techno fountain and while some grumpy adults get all photosensitive with the lights, this duck sees no problem and is thriving with her baby who is fast asleep in the corner.

The duck is actually a pet of the restaurant where this picture is clicked and they even have a separate shelter in case it rains.

So, here’s a lesson in minding your own business and an ode to Duck Supremacy.


Finally, here’s an ode to the most superior beings of the Earth: The Cat.

Cats are beings who have no problems in life and the Earth revolves around them because they are so clearly in charge.

The energy of a cat is vital to the Earth and here is a pic of my cat posing in front of the Christmas tree to bless your feed.

Viva la Earth!

Viva la Cats:)

And that is a wrap.

Until next time….


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