The Culinary Angle-Uni Style 2

Before I begin, here’s a wee riddle for ya:

Why did Genoise get disqualified at a beauty pageant?

It’s cause her make-up was too cakey…..


When life gives people lemons, they throw them at me after I crack a joke….


In the last post, I began telling you how Uni life is a Snickers ad personified and what else one eats other than the nutty caramel bar to get back their personalities….Ye lovelies can check out the first part here and without further ado, Imma cake  take you on part two of the University menu card. In the last post, I spoke about some of the regular meals one gets in my uni so in this post, Imma show ya some of the special meals and party snacks that will get your tastebuds tingling….


My university usually serves Indian cuisine in the mess but on some rare Saturdays, the mess brings out it’s multi-cuisine menu and hence we have a nice picture of a dinner comprising of Chinese food. The mess had hyped this dinner for half a week and when the day finally arrived, my friends and I were literally the first ones to enter the mess in order to get everything straight off the stove, hehe….So, in the middle, we’ve got noodles or what we call ‘Haka Noodles’. In India, the noodles have a lot of veggies and spices and it usually has a spicy, maybe tangy taste. The noodles in university had a nice Indian touch to it because of the spices used and I quite liked the taste. The gravy dish is called ‘Veg Manchurian’ which comprises of cornflour coated balls made out of cabbage, carrots and spring onion, served in a soy sauce gravy. It is one my favourite Indo-Chinese dishes and till now, I haven’t come across a single Indian who doesn’t like Veg Manchurian so I guess it’s quite a national favourite. And then of course, there’s fried rice which had a nice gingery taste to it.

When I was little, I used to think that fried rice is only to be eaten on Fridays and I was pretty traumatised when my family ordered it on a Tuesday. I thought the world would end….


This here is a special lunch that the mess served on Sundays. Now, in India, people have this crazy, wholesome love for paneer(cottage cheese) and in my uni, paneer dishes are the ones they make best but also the ones they rarely make. So whenever there’s paneer in the mess, you’d be lucky to get an empty seat and that was exactly the case during the lunch pictured. The dish here is paneer butter masala which is a creamy tomato based gravy dish with soft pieces of paneer. It is usually had with a flatbread like roti but I had it with rice because I’m a bit picky about the kind of rotis I want:) My mum makes the best rotis and that’s spoilt me a bit cause I really find it hard to appreciate any other roti chef and a rule that I live by is that if the roti ain’ good, the meal ain’ complete.

The other dish is called ‘Dal Makhani’. It’s a creamy, lentil soup, garnished with spices and coriander:)

This is what a party in uni looks like:) Winters in my uni town are harsh but when the party mood hits in the peak of the chill, one can’t simply cuddle and eat dryfruits in ones room. In that situation, one braves the cold and goes down to the hostel canteen and has a scrumptious meal of steaming hot Maggi noodles:) Maggi is India’s lifeline. It’s truly amazing how an instant noodle has the hearts of billions of people. Here, we’ve got four plates of cheese Maggi and one plate of Fried Maggi all of which are superb to taste and an amazing remedy to freezing winters:)

A Winter Uni Party also includes….

Burgers….I know these don’t look like McDonalds’ but I personally prefer these over McD. They are a lot healthier owing to the veggies and the reduced cheese and the patty isn’t greasy and heavy which is great. Also, these burgers have a lot of flavour and every bite is like a burst of tasty condiment:)

Pizza and sandwiches….The pizza that my uni stall serves is a combination between a thin crust and a regular pan pizza. The base is a flatbread similar to the texture of pita bread and a cheese spread is used instead of having mozzarella as the main ingredient. The substitute for oregano is a salt-pepper mixture and like every dish in uni, there’s a ton load of veggies:) My uni town has a large vegetarian population that is why the mess is big on veggies. In fact, non vegetarian food is only served on some Sundays and even then, I personally feel that the veg dishes are tastier.

The sandwich is a spicy paneer sandwich with an ‘S’ drawn on it with ketchup:) It is my favourite from the hostel canteen:)

Some days, the mess at uni is in a cultural mood so the dinner comprises of a traditional meal from a particular Indian state….This dish here is one such meal where the mess had food specifically from the state of Rajasthan. It’s called ‘Gutte ki Subji’ which is a gravy dish made of chunks of chickpea flour and spiced with condiments. I didn’t have this dish cause I ended up skipping mess that day….This picture is taken by a friend who was being a very good girl and eating healthy mess food unlike some other people we know….hehe….

Honestly, I am not a fan of this dish(yeah, I’ve had it before), but like I always say, don’t let my opinion stop you, especially when it comes to food. I am a person with very specific tastes and often, the stuff that I don’t like is a huge fan favourite so it’s really better that you try it all:))

This isn’t from my uni but speaking of traditional food from the state of Rajasthan, here’s one of my favourite dishes. It’s called ‘Dal Baati’. The yellow dish is dal(the fan favourite Indian lentil soup) and the balls called ‘Baati’ are made of wheat and have a very gritty texture. They are soaked in ghee and they are supposed to be dipped in the dal and allowed to soften and break so that both the dal and baati can be had together. It’s a hugely tasty dish and I can’t get enough of it but it’s very filling so even if a few ‘Baatis’ fill your stomach, the heart keeps craving for more:))))

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