Into The Night!

“The darkest nights produce the brightest stars.”

Said John Green once. Night time has a different definition for everyone. For some, it is the end of the day, lights out, but for some others, it is the time they come alive. Alternatively, not everyone has night at the same time so that makes the issue even more twisted. The concept of ‘night’ maybe debated among us living beings but for certain entities known as cities, night time is simply a time to jazz it up! Cities change forms at night. No kidding. During the day, you’ve got a view showing a cities glory and the bedrock upon which it was built but at night, the city tends to relax a bit and unleashes its pretty side and its city lights like a lullaby of sorts. The sun going down signals the cue for electricity to do its work and boom, you’ve suddenly got the need for a night camera!

P.S. I forgot the moon and stars exist.(#digitalgenerationproblems)

Now, Imma take us all on a night prowl across the world. Here’s presenting the night ensemble of various cities around the world. Lighting credits: Electricity and the moon.

Starting off with the tall ones. This one’s taken from the top floor of the Arc De Triomphe ft. the jazz version of the Eiffel Tower overlooking a lit up Champs Elysees.


The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai. Formerly known as the Victoria Terminus, this station, lit up at night was a surprise during a sports trip to Mumbai.


The Acropolis at night. This picture was taken from the roof top restaurant in our hotel. Athens is surprisingly windy as the sun goes down and when I look at this particular picture, I can literally feel the chilly breeze….


The Blue Mosque, Istanbul on a chilly night. Strolling past this mosque at such a time makes life hit different. Taking this picture was a rather surreal experience.


The Dagdusheth temple in Pune. This temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is always an highlight during the festive season. P.C. Mum


The Colosseum with the moon. This place is one that carries with it a lot of emotion and these emotions, washed away by the tide of time hit twice as deep when the sun goes down.


The city of Da Nang. This place is filled with bridges. This one’s the dragon bridge, right outside our hotel. Say hi to Dorothy Dragon!


Singapore. Night Mode.


The Disney Castle lighting up for the night show. #Disneydreams

And then I woke up.


And that is a wrap.

Until next time!

Sweet dreams:)

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