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The amount of brain power in this post is mind blowing.


Nerds. Entities whom you can either love or hate but never forget, cause more often than not, they are key to finding a solution to the problem at hand, be it a murder that needs solving or a horcrux that needs finding or a building that needs smashing.

So, here’s to the nerds. May we know them, may we raise them, may we hail them and occasionally, may we be them.

Up now, are the types of nerds that rule the world.

The Textbook Nerds.


Right, now the integral equation above solves to one, so here we go. These nerds are the stereotypical nerds, as defined by the Oxford dictionary. And yes, I’m talking Ross Geller and Sheldon Cooper, where my boys at?

These nerds are mainly found in TV shows. The creators will attribute them with the typical awkwardness associated with being a nerd, PhDs, loneliness, butt of all jokes, overly obsessed with academics and excessive usage of technical scientific terms during a normal conversation. Every word that comes out of them is straight out of a pure science thesis.

And almost always, these nerds will have a love interest who is either a polar opposite or exactly like them.

In that order, Rachel Green and Amy Farrah Fowler.

Another unique aspect about these nerds is their sense of style. Now in everyday talk, the term ‘nerd’ is applied to two kinds of people; One: The kind that’s always into researching academics, often associated with clothing in different shades of brown and Two: The kind that knows every fandom by heart and can tell you the details in whichever order you like, associated with fandom merchandise and loyalty to a single superhero.

In Ross Geller, we’ve got the first kind. Black sweatshirts, brown overcoats, collared tees and the like. While Sheldon is the fandom nerd, what with ‘The Flash’ and ‘Green Lantern’ ensemble.

Like I said, these nerds are truly the epitome of the stereotypic nerd™.

The Nerds With Style!

These nerds are the ones that break the ceiling. Gone are the brown overcoats, these nerds combine brains with style. Big Brains with Big Style. These people make a limits equation look like child’s play and they look good doing it.

These guys are the surprise elements. One moment, you’ll think they are just the awkward geeky kid in the corner but the moment they’ve got the stage, they will steal the show.

Here’s presenting, Casey Carlyle and Dr. River Song.

Casey was fun at parties, she predicted the outcome of a guy going down a make-shift zip-line, taking into account his moment of inertia, hence losing popular points, but guess who turned a physics project into a smashing ice-dance number on ‘Reaching for Heaven’? Casey Carlyle for the win.

And River Song. Yes, she’s the queen of Spoilers. Yes she’s an archaeologist, and yes, she can destroy a Dalek single-handed.

All in a day’s work. Besides, what makes River Song a unique nerd is her patience to keep her diary up to date. Despite the messed up timelines, she is never lost. She knows where she is and exactly what she’s doing, and all thanks to her extremely detailed handbook of timelines. Besides, she is the CEO of hidden skills. Right from flying the TARDIS to her ability to regenerate and her whole theory of ‘Time Can Be Rewritten.’ River Song is what keeps Dr. Who on his toes.

These nerds are the real cool ones cause whatever they do, it is driven by passion. Casey Carlyle lived her dream of becoming a figure skater, despite the family pressure and the Harvard aspirations, all in a physics project. And River Song defended the Universe out of love for the Doctor. This makes their actions more impactful and sets them apart from the regular definition of Nerds.

Besides, you’ve got to have fun at your bidding, else, it gets boring. Trust these nerds to project the fact.

The Subtle Nerds.

These nerds are the most intelligent nerds of all. Their IQ is through the ceiling and their knowledge capacity; Legendary. But there is however one thing that these guys don’t know; The fact that they are nerds.

Bruce Banner, Cormoran Strike, I’m looking at you.

These guys are the silent ones. They won’t utter a word if they can help it but the one thing that cannot keep quiet is their brain, weaving its own intricate tapestry. They are mostly survivors and have been through a hard time which makes them appear rather stone-cold but in truth, they have a very warm, big heart and often, their stagnant pain and the emotional weight that they carry is almost invisible as they carry on with a calm demeanour.

Bruce Banner for instance. The transformation into Hulk may look cool to an average super-power fanatic but it didn’t exactly turn out daffodils and butterflies for Dr. Banner. He got isolated, by society who tagged him as a monster and even got separated from the girl he loved aka Betty Ross and in the Avengers; Natasha Romanoff, but that didn’t show when he took down Loki’s Chitauri ship or basically SMASHED the bad guys. Not to forget, his soft heart, when it came to innocent people or even his team.

Cormoran Strike, the lone wolf detective in the Robert Galbraith murder mysteries. War veteran who injured himself in Afghanistan, complete with a fiancée that lied to him and ended up dumping him, literally to the streets and a famous dad that barely knew of his existence. But that was barely visible owing to Strike’s detailed ventures into the convoluted murders assigned to him. What with the one-on-one scouting to the lunch meetings with the suspects and an occasional drink of Doom Bar, Strike was the dark horse of detectives. Not without a heart as it turns out, Strike has a lion’s share of compassion. Right from his amiable treatment of his secretary Robin to the Quine family for whom he’d risk everything to prove Mrs. Quine’s innocence.

These guys are like lychees, rocky on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside.

The Whacko Nerds.

These nerds have so much brain power that it drives them crazy. Crazy enough to become the bad guys. These guys are power hungry. That combined with their tremendous intellect is what twists them to the extent of becoming villains. Riddle Me This: What made Edward Nygma such a creepy villain?

That one puzzle he solved in school cause he was greedy for the prize. And what came of that? He became a master of deception and puzzles and riddles and the next thing you know, he’s got a mind control machine against the Bat himself.

But now he calls himself ‘The Riddler’.

What makes these guys creepy is the fact that if they treated their brain power right, they could have been real intellectuals on a virtuous path but their choices are what makes them go downhill. They are the living proof of the importance of the quote;


Sirius Black being wise at the right time.

But these guys do enforce the fact that no matter the circumstance, we always have a choice.

The Nerds Who Know It.

If you’re nerdy and you know it clap your hands!!!!

And the ones clapping will be Hermione Granger and Sherlock Holmes….

These guys are well aware that they are surrounded by people who have a pea sized IQ and that their genius is frightening and if not for them, humanity would face extinction owing to stupidity.

They are the true know-it-alls.

Without them, the world would be one dimwitted place so all anyone can say is ‘Thank God for the Know-It-Alls’

These guys may come across as insufferable at times, especially when they actually leave no question unanswered but one can simply not deny that they are the ones without whom the problem at hand can never be solved. These guys are the perfect mix of book-smart and street-smart which makes them one of the most interesting nerds in the fictionverse.

And that’s the end!

Now for some words of wisdom….

And that is a wrap!

Until Next Time,

I bid thee farewell:)

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