Listing the Buckets!!!!or simply the bucket list….

The list is as follows:

1. Tin Buckets(3)

2. Plastic buckets in red(2)




Ok, now lets go to the things I haven’t quite achieved….yet….

The Bucket List!!!!

Morgan Freeman, here we go!!!!

Number the first:



That’s right, Lilibet herself!

Let’s actually look at Lilibet now,  her adherence to Royal Protocol and the very fact that she is the longest ruling Monarch in British history would make anyone believe that she is in for business and for absolute no-nonsense Monarchy. But what if she agreed to a disco dance, just once? This is the very thought that put this at the very top of my bucket list. I mean, just to be in the same room, absolutely vibing to ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ with the epitome of immortality herself would probably be something worth mentioning in history books.

There, a song by Queen for the Queen.

Dancing Queen mode: ON


I think she approves.

Number the second:



Risky Business, eh?

Right, about this one, I want to really do this as a sort of an audience.

I mean, Tom Cruise probably hates all modes of transport. Why else would he batter them to literal smithereens every time he’s in one?! The man’s broken cars, trains, helicopters, airplanes and motorbikes, all in one franchise and all that’s left now is a bicycle.

I wouldn’t exactly want to ride pillion here but what I’m in for is the shenanigans. Like, riding the bicycle as if its a racehorse and finally crashing down a 150 foot drop and coming out with just the handle with no damage whatsoever to person and clothing.

That escalated quickly.

I guess we need the hospital on speed dial but then again, its Mission Impossible.(Not)

Number the third:


Now that we’re done with the crazy stuff, lets actually get all Keats and Shelley on this one.

Close your eyes, deep breath in and imagine a fjord. Nestled in mountains, darkening skies, a deep, settling sense of peace and in the middle of it all, a sail boat. The silence fills every crevice, making its presence reign over the expanse of nature. And then, something noiselessly clicks and in the blink of an eye, the Aurora fills the sky and engulfs the world in its illuminated bliss. 

I want to go to Norway now.

Inspired by the Dragon Date in ‘How To Train Your Dragon III’


And this is the exact place….


Wordsworth, this is a cure for your pensive mood, mate! Bring them daffodils along, if you want!

I might cry, this is beautiful.

Number the fourth:


In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!

a wema way a wema way a wema way….

Speaking as a person who adores cats, this one’s been a fantasy since ‘Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies’. Imagine being in the savannahs and suddenly, this little kitty cat walks up and I just reach my hand out and pet the little fur ball.

Except it might eat me.

But it’s a kitty cat! Kitty cats are absolute darlings! Even the big, wild ones!


See? This baby could harm no one….

Another thing that inspired this was the fact that Princess Jasmine had a pet tiger. Since then, I’ve always wanted a cheetah! I’ve always imagined the cheetah walking behind me, everywhere I go and snarling to assert power….Till now.

I even came up with a name, I’d call her ‘Majesty’.

Majesty and me, taking the world!

I’d honestly be happy, just to pet one cheetah, even a cub.

And there’s a twenty per cent assurance that I won’t bring it back home….

Savannahs? I’m coming!

Number the fifth:



I think I’ll take Lilibet here. Two birds in a shot, what do you think?

I wasn’t exactly born at the time when Queen was touring and rocking the world and I hundred percent do not approve of this but the band has a strong motto of ‘The Show Must Go On’ and that is why my approval of the generation in which I was born has returned.


I’d literally give anything to be able to attend this and I have a feeling that if I yell the lyrics loud enough, Brian May might call me on stage like Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark.

That is obviously a very dreamy dream but honestly, singing ‘Love Of My Life’ with the flashlights in a packed stadium with Bri on the guitar, sitting on the chair is like the absolute top notch. And at this point all I can say is….


That was a call to my mum to buy me tickets….


Probably not a very ingratiating thing to say when tickets are on your mind.

At this point, I want it all and I want it now!

Number the sixth:


And by coming across, I mean, bumping into them like the Starks bumped into a litter of Direwolves in the first season of GoT.

Like walking down a snowy path, listening to a chirping thrush and suddenly, a pack of wolves, led serenely by their alpha.

Any place like Winterfell? Anywhere? Siberia maybe. I just wanna see wolves.

And who knows, they might like me and in a heartbeat, I’ll join their pack.

Raised by wolves.


I just wanna see a wolfie….




Number the seventh:

It’s time to begin – now count it in

My boot scootin’ baby is drivin’ me crazy;

My obsession from a Western, my dance floor date!!!!


A few years ago, I’d gone to this birthday party and at the Photo Booth, I wore a cowboy hat. That is what sparked the fantasy.

Fuelled further after reading ‘A Study in Scarlet’, I’ve come to a point where I want to ride a horse with a lasso and a gun, right about now. To make things a bit more razzle dazzle, I live near an equestrian race course and the sight of horses sends me all ‘I’ve got a snake in my boot!’

Imagine, riding away in the Wild West, complete with a red, checkered shirt and beige corduroy trousers and a brown cowboy hat….That’s like yee-ing every possible haw….

Yee-Haw, I gotta snake in my boot!


Cue to whistling in the background….

I could literally hear that picture.

And that is a wrap!

Until next time,

Listing buckets!

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