Sikkim, India

Smallest state in India, ladies and blokes!!!!

Da Baby In Da House!

ft. the third highest mountain in the world.

AKA the Kanchenjunga. AKA….


This lil’ mountain.

This picture was taken from the hotel where I was staying. It was literally the view out the window in daylight! Consequently, the hotel had some rather interesting modes of watching this giant slab of vanilla ice-cream! You could straight up watch it, lounging in the corridor or, or, or, better still, there was a tiny bathroom at one end of the verandah which had this little  window in the wall through which you could see the little icicle.

Ingenious, ain’ it? Hehe????

Anyway, best views available at sunrise, regardless of location.

Here’s another one!


Imagine living in a city watched over by the third highest slab of vanilla ice cream in the world!

That’s it.


Guess what’s for breakfast tomorrow?

Alright, night mode!

DSC_0446 2

That’s the entire city of Gangtok. The capital of Sikkim.

This was taken just the evening before that mountain picture. In the midst of a hailstorm, the first one I’d ever witnessed, and the next morning had clear skies post sunrise.

Weather prediction must be a hell of a job here.


And that’s light mode.


And that’s Hendrix and the boys!

Our hotel was top notch cool! I mean that’s the restaurant for breakfast.

We did end up coming out of the hotel eventually and then all the roads we had to walk were winding and all the lights that lead us there were blinding….

Today was gonna be the day
But they’ll never throw it back to you….

Oh sorry, wonderwall happened.

But the roads were winding, yeah!



But unlike the boulevard of broken dreams, I know where this road goes. It goes to a lake, leading to a pass, as the Yak walks on the border line of the edge and where it walks alone.

No, literally, there is a national border out there.

DSC_0451 3

The Lake.

That’s Tsongmo Lake also called Changu Lake. It’s about 15 m deep and remains frozen in the winter. However, this is the lake in summer but it already looks like sea that Elsa rode on, the one on which Ahtohallan showed up. Who knows, there might be a frozen crystal horse down there….

But what you’ll definitely see is a Yak.


Is it not cute?! The wee lamb is actually quite a daredevil and so is the person that rides it. The Yak rides go through extremely narrow mud paths, through a line of tourists. I mean, one wrong step would have sent me swimming into the lake. In that case, I would’ve confirmed the presence of a frozen, crystal horse.

Tom Cruise should consider this for a Mission Impossible film.

The Nathu La pass, just a bit away from the lake was not accessible to tourists when we were visiting but there are times when tourists are allowed.

Or kids for that matter.

Bad pun Alert!

I meant to say Orchids. Like the Blood Orchids, minus the Anaconda. Or kids.



National Flower of Sikkim, kids!

No kidding.

How about dragons?



I am Daenerys Stormborn, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and the Mother of Dragons.


That’s not Westeros, its only a Mountain-viewing point. Which isn’t Winterfell.

Sikkim has a market, known as the ‘Mall Road’ which is basically a long winding street, filled with shops selling everything from jewellery to woollens to home decor to food to fake orchids. It was right beside our hotel and I got a pendant here, looking exactly like the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ from Titanic. Unfortunately the shopaholic in me prevented any clicking of pictures.


This is Rumtek Monastery, built in 1966. It was my little cousin’s choice to visit as he had learnt about it in Fourth Form geography and it was quite a relaxing trip, apart from the hill-climb to get there. Besides, the view was great!

And here we are, quoting Miley Cyrus, life’s a climb but the view’s great!

And that’s a wrap!

Until next time,




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