The Stonehenge(they will rock you)

Some believe its a religious temple used by our ancestors, others think its a primitive clock and the remaining believe that its a Bronze Age cemetery.


Alright, official announcement….

The Olympic Gold for weightlifting officially and forever, goes to….

The Bronze Age!!!!


So that’s not really a bronze age person, but imagine pulling that slab of stone on a wheelbarrow and then erecting it in order to build an alarm clock cause some Bronze Age Karen thought that people weren’t waking up on time….I mean, how did they not start a Workers’ Revolution? Like seriously Karen, we got the rooster.

But Karen had that rooster for New Year’s barbecue and now we’re lugging stones.

Falling in to the inevitable, the poor Bronze Age Bob The Builders decide to look on the bright side and each time they lugged a stone on the wheelbarrow, they began chanting a slogan. The slogan wasn’t a question, like ‘Can we fix it?’ as they were in quite a fix as it is, so they changed the doubts to clarity and the question to an assertion and we got….

We will, We will ROCK YOU!

And that, Mi amigos, is how ‘The Rolling Stones’ came into existence.



Alright, lets fast forward about an infinite years into the present generation….


Still rock solid.

I mean, it’s cause they’re rocks.

Now, the Stonehenge landscape has this spot called Normanton Down Burrows which is not accessible to the public. There’s a narrow highway path separating the Stonehenge Monument from these burrows and for safety reasons, it isn’t advisable to cross the road to get there. And no one tells you why.

I think that’s where the Pandorica is. The box made to contain the most fearsome being in the cosmos. Dr. Who said its under the Stonehenge but that could be a ploy to throw people off. Normanton Down Burrows is where the Pandorica actually lies.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I find a centurion standing there like its perfectly normal thing to do….


The Rolling Stones are way more interesting than we thought they were….

I mean, the monument is literally built in the middle of nowhere. It’s like a nice bus ride through green British lawns and suddenly you see these juggernauts staring down at you like….



I mean where was that sign saying, ‘Alarm Clock Work Ahead’???? And why did Bronze Age Karen assign such a remote site?

Imma need to see the Manager!

And you know when the remoteness hits different? In British Weather. Rain and gloom. It’s similar to that scene in Beauty and the Beast where Maurice is lost in the woods and suddenly, a crack of lightning illuminates the Beast’s castle….This is the Beast’s castle.

But then, at the time of Solstice, the rocks change their entire vibe and go….

‘The sun goes down and it comes back up; The world, it turns no matter what!!!!’


Cool, ain’ it?

Now, I present to you, the dwelling of the OG Rolling Stones….


Bronze Age Karen sure made ’em hustle hard….

And, here’s a treat….


Throw candy around like free candy!!!!

Said the Bronze Age druid of Old….

Ok, don’t throw them, maybe just hand them over like free candy….

That’s one rock solid truth to live by.

And that’s a wrap.

Until next time,


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