Siem Reap, Cambodia

Let’s go meet Cam!!!!

by which I mean Cambodia. Not Cameroon or Cameron Diaz or Cameras.

Alright, cam we, I mean can we stop already? I’ll cam, I mean ca’l’m down.

From this point on, I am not laughing at Cam. Not one bit. I’m stone-faced.


Like this one, see? Stone faced. Face of stone.

I had meant metaphorically but things got real….LIGHTS, CAM, ACTION!!!!


What I find rather funny here is that this statue of the Buddha is so serious. Like….

WhY So SeRiOuS????

I mean, wasn’t the Buddha all about inner peace and happiness and fraternity???? Maybe attaining Nirvana is some serious stuff after all.

With the lights out, it’s less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us!!!!

Smells like teen spirit, eh? I mean we were talking about Nirvana so….yeah.

And you know the other thing that’s funny? This statue, along with its mates, are a part of a Khmer temple named Bayon. But this place has nothing to do with a bay…. Cam you funny! Anyway, here’s a pic with the entire gang….


Good Morning Cam!!!!

Angkor What? Oops, I did it again…. But here’s the one and only, magnificent, respected, eerie, rocking, ANGKOR WAT!!!!


Fun fact: No building in Siem Reap is taller or as tall as the Angkor Wat. That’s because we live in an era where even buildings and stones respect each other. Welcome to my Ted talk.


Alright, who’s up for some good, old history!!!!

This is a story of three kings. They had a memoir named ‘We The Kings’. No Juliet, you cannot check this.


Ok, back to the three Kings of Cam. So these rulers of the Khmer empire had very different ideas on interior design. They believed that interior designing was the work of faith, so the first King, who was a Hindu, installed a statue of the Hindu God, Vishnu in the A.W( Angkor Wat). The second King who came after him was a flexible guy. He practised both, Hinduism and Buddhism, so he added some statues of the Buddha to give the statue of Vishnu some company. Now the third King was a bit of an orthodox. He was fully Buddhist so he moved the statue of Vishnu out and brought in some more Buddha statues. Then, centuries passed and in came the French who moved the Buddhas as well.

And now, these statues are in separate areas of the Angkor complex, bonding together through bonds of harmony. Bonding through bonds. James Bond. 007.

And that was chapter one of ‘We the Kings’. Proof read by Juliet. Not.




Ok, so this is Ta Prohm. Where Angelina Jolie shot some scenes of tomb raider. In a pit in a temple. Without the Pitt. He was busy fighting in Troy. Achilles. This is Sparta. Dracarys.

Did you know that this temple has been taken over by trees because it was abandoned…. Like that be some real feral vegetation. I mean just look, it’s like creepy. I mean literally, the trees creep.


And that doesn’t end there….This place has been carved by a person who has seen a stegosaurus. I mean, I don’t think the twelfth century provided much pictorial evidence, but this bloke carved a stego on a wall….Does this mean that dinosaurs existed with humans?! That’s some serious Jurassic Park stuff, right there.


Stephanie the Stegosaurus people:)))

I wanna ride a T-rex!!!!

And that’s a wrap. Unless you wanna play hide and seek with this damsel right here….


Tag you’re it.

And that’s an actual wrap….

Until next time, till then, keep cam and game on!!!!

I said what I said.






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