Paris is always a good idea….said Audrey Hepburn once. I’m pretty sure that she was one hell of a cardio enthusiast cause you know what you have to do to get a good view around here????

Climb two hundred and fifty steps.

It’s a cliiimbbbb!!!!! Right up to the church.


Sacre Cour mesdames et messieurs. May the power of Christ compel you.

So, this church was something my mum couldn’t stop talking about. Because, the power of Christ compelled her. Or at least the view did….


I think it was the view.


I mean the stall….Compelled, I’m sure. There was a banana stall….I do not have photographic evidence.

*sad minion noises*

Out there
Where they all live unaware
What I’d give
What I’d dare
Just to live one day out there

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, people!!!!

This is where he lived!!!! Exclusive!!!! Exact location!!!!! GOLDEN OFFER!!!!


This is where I saw gargoyles!!!! I did!!!! They’re my friends, Steve and Greg. I swear, they are!!!! And they help the outcasts!!!!

That’s a bunch of nice gargoyles ain’ it? Gargoyles. Goyles. Goyle. Gregory. Potter!

Yeah, I’m a Slytherin.

Anyway, allons y!!!

Up next is the exact spot, the exact tar, upon which, Ethan Hunt rode his bike, in a high speed chase. Your mission, should you choose to accept it.

I feel the need, the need for SPEED!!!!





Benji did warn us. It was a spiral!!!! Have you guys got your seatbelt on?!!!

But then again, life’s a climb, but the view’s great!


Champs-elysees, Champs of the Elysium!!!!


But like all things true, the Devil does wear Prada….


I mean, temptation is like the devil’s weapon, ain’ it????

Galeries Lafayette, the destination of sugar, spice and all things nice!!!!

I mean, you get macarons so….Sweet!

And the entire place will spice up your existence with all things nice….It will truly lighten you….And your wallet.


Alright, who’s up for some towering figure?! Presenting, for our grande finale….



I mean, towering figures….Like Tall Bois….Like Ivo Karlovic….Six feet eleven….You want taller??? Well…


Tour de Eiffel, Mesdames et Messieurs!!!! 

Made of iron, plenty of steps, compelling view and has a huge disco Deaky vibe!!!!

DSC_0104 2-1

It be lit!!!!

All I can say is that Paris, is one great idea!!!!

And that’s a wrap!!!!!

Until next time, when Imma do some magic….

Au revoir!



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