Scottish Highlands(Great Scott!)


Our fate lives within us….You only have to be brave enough to see it.

But if your fate lives in the Loch Ness, the only one who’ll see it is Nessie….Cause it’s dark in there, lad!

But don’t worry, Nessie’s a wee baby….



Sightings depend on mood swings so if you’re unlucky, you will see a frog without eyes at any rate. But if you really want to see Nessie, then pro tip: She likes whiskey….


Nessie’s like really proud of her home. So if you rate it well on TripAdvisor, then you never know, she may just greet you with freshly baked shortbread the next time…. #LochNess

Alright, who’s up for some cows??!!!


Alright, so that’s one cow but hey, she’s chilling. Besides, this is the place where the tour bus stopped for cookies so yeah….also, I got me a baby coo, wanna see????

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Messy…..


Ok, so this guy is cute yeah, but not someone you should lock horns with….Cause its a bull and the horns are rather….well, bull.

Talking of locking horns, lemme show you the ultimate smackdown. Honestly, Game of Thrones is a fairy tale when Glencoe exists….


This is where the Campbells massacred the Macdonalds. In 1692.

And then, this battleground turned into a Quidditch Pitch with Hagrid’s Hut just round the corner….Can you believe it??!!! Harry Potter happened here!!!! Beat that Game of Thrones….Dracarys.

Now, we gonna meet Ben.


Just not Franklin….Hehe.

We want the Nevis guy….


There he is….Highest peak in Scotland, lads!!!! Except he lives in Bill’s fort. I meant Fort William. 


Up next is Loch Lomond….you know who lives here??!! Hagrid does! I mean the guy who plays him, but still….

Hagrid lives here!!!!

Did you think Voldemort when I said ‘you know who’? You’re fun!!!!

This is a bridge….And rocks….And scrub….And Mountains….

At any rate, it’s a good picture.


Hey look! Mel’s back!!!!

It’s cause he’s got a monument to himself….


Wallace Monument….FREEDOM!!!!!

And then God saved the Queen.


Palace of Holyroodhouse….Lilibet’s home in Edinburgh….

Because we’re talking Queens and Castles, here’s another one….


Stirling Castle. Where everything costs a pound. Sterling. No it doesn’t.

That was supposed to be a joke but I guess it got a poor pennyworth in humour.


And that’s a wrap!

Until next time my wee lambs!!!!

P.S. Nessie still wants that five star review on Trip Advisor.




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