Hi, I’m Samiksha A.K.A spertlongmanukblog on WordPress. Today, I’m gonna reveal the BIGGEST SECRET EVER. It’s time for a revelation!! So put on your seat belts and hold on tight cause we’re plunging into apocalypse. Ah!!!!

Don’t worry, just kidding. What I’m going to reveal to all of you is the story behind my URL name spertlongmanukblog.

To do this, I have to make another revelation. So everyone ready?

Revelation No. 1: I am writing a fan fiction combining the worlds of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and The Chronicles of Narnia so basically wizards, demigods (half mortal half god) and knights come together. It’s a trilogy called ‘The Legend of the Three Worlds’. The first book in the series is called ‘The Secret of Caesar’. Wow! Caesar wants to keep secrets too! Welcome to the top secret meeting for revealing secrets, Caesar! Get it?

Anyways, now for revelation No. 2, in this book the characters go to a place called Sperlonga beach near Rome, hence the first part ‘Spertlong’ (I added the ‘t’ to add a bit of fiction, besides I felt that ‘spertlong’ sounds better than ‘sperlong’ as a URL name). Percy Jackson is a demigod from Manhattan so ‘man’ and Harry Potter and the Narnians are from the UK, which brings us to the third part of the name ‘uk’. So here we have spertlongmanuk. The fourth part i.e. ‘blog’ is because spertlongmanukblog was the instant free site address available on WordPress combining all the three names. And voila! The entire story behind spertlongmanukblog.

Ok everyone it is safe to unfasten your seatbelts, now that I have made The Secret public. Thank you for flying with spertlongmanukblog. See ya!

P.S: This is just one of the many secrets. As you all know Caesar is not done yet!

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