Bird’s Eye ft. KL

If you ever want to judge the quality of someone’s life, judge it by the V-squared rule. All you need, to know if you’re living the best life, is two Vs.


And Views….

Welcome to my Ted Talk.

Kuala Lumpur is a city of good vibes. It passes the vibe check in all forums and it is right there at the top when it comes to views. However, when we talk of views, the question must be asked: Who has the best view?

Is it the birds, flying overhead?

Is it the terrestrials, walking through the streets?

Is it the fish, whose vision is more of a numerical in refraction?

Or is it simply an Iphone camera?


So, in this post, Imma start judging this viewing contest and we’re gonna start by looking at the Bird’s Eye View because while KL has its views, its also got tall towers which one can climb and pretend to be some sort of flightless bird in the air.

Without further ado, Imma take you atop the most iconic towers in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers, and we’re gonna look down on the world.

Or have the world look up to us….Either way….


This is the view from the bridge connecting the two twin towers. The Petronas Twin Tower climb has two stops. The first is the connecting bridge and the second is the top floor. The journey by lift is quite daunting as you can feel the height and even though you are in a covered building, the teeny weeny bits of vertigo never fail to hit as you step out into the bridge. But then you see the view and all’s right with the world.

This is the overall city view showing the KLCC park in the middle, surrounded by the buildings, mingled with greenery. The tallest tower in the picture i.e. the blue one with the white top is the Exchange 106 tower. It is taller than the Twins and it resembles a very fancy flask or a blunt pencil. If it were a flask, it’s probably used by some VSCO spirits up in heaven but if it is a blunt pencil, I guarantee that this is the pencil that was used by God when he made the blueprint for Tom Cruise because crafting that man isn’t a job for your regular HB.

And that is how the Exchange 106 was built.

You might wanna check Wikipedia for the real story, though….


Here’s the Menara KL, overseeing the city, as seen from the connecting bridge of the Twins. I love the alternating patched of greenery and urbanisation here. It shows some sort of balance between development and nature which is quite well maintained in KL.

The Menara KL is 421 m high.

I know that because I climbed it and we shall see my brave adventures later in this post.

Here’s the last picture taken from the connecting bridge, featuring the Merdeka 118. This is touted to be the second tallest building in the world once its completed and there’s some sort of a leviathan elegance to it that gives it a strong, dominating presence but at the same time there’s a comforting vibe that emanates from it and it keeps bringing one back to it. I could not resist taking pictures of the Merdeka. I find the tower very cute, like a giant kitty cat, purring over KL.


This is my favourite picture from the Petronas Towers Climb. It is a view of the second tower, taken from the first and it’s got the Merdeka 118 and the Menara KL photobombing, like three giants posing for a picture. This is the best view from the top floor of the tower and I was lucky to get the window all to myself to get a proper picture.

It was very daunting to see the tower this close but I realised how beautiful and intricate the structure really is. Like some sort of a sea anemone made of steel.

Sponge of Steel….


Bidding adieu to the Twins, let’s hit the night sky views from the Menara Kl, or as I like to call it, ‘The Party Tower’.

I absolutely love the way the tower is decorated and the ‘♥KL Tower’ is so well placed. I also like how it rise among the coconut palms, giving it a very Florida vibe, hehe….

The KL Tower has a Sky Deck which has the most breathtaking views from all of KL so without further ado, let’s walk the damn skies.

This is my favourite picture ever. The shot reminds me of a scene in Godzilla and the red effects mingle beautifully with the city lights to make this a very sci-fi shot. I did a full separate photoblog with this picture and here it is again because I honestly felt like the stars aligned to give me this shot. All of KL, looking so glam, with the Twins sending up beams just give this a very celestial vibe.

The Menara KL sky deck is totally worth it because even though treading the Sky Deck gives one chills, the views are fantastic.

Here’s the Merdeka 118. The tower’s still under construction so it isn’t fully lit up but the meagre light gives it a very brooding look and I feel that gives the tower a whole halo of power. I mean, it has such a commanding presence and I was so glad to get a shot of it at night. I also love the dark and light contrasts in this shot as it enhances the neon effect and brings home the fact that KL is a city of contrasts.

And here’s the Exchange 106 tower. The top changes colours and it’s like a disco ball in the middle of the city. I also like the beams in the centre as they illuminate the cloudy sky and it reminds me a bit of Thor sending up the lightening from his hammer.

Finally, here’s me, standing on the glass floor of the Sky Deck. It is very daunting to step onto the glass cabin but I’m glad I did it because it was a memorable picture.

And yes, the entire deck isn’t made of glass so the vertigo is very well compensated by the views.

And there we have it, good vibes and good views:)

And that is a wrap.

Until Next Time.


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