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My intention was to start this post with a quote that connects fun fairs to the more subtle aspects of life but when I Googled it, here’s the quote that popped up:


Cotton Candy is bae, as it should be. And with that affirmation, Imma take you on a glam journey through Pune City’s summertime fun fairs.

If you need me, I’ll be at the Ferris Wheel….


Thought I might begin with cotton candy:) I love the machine with which cotton candy is made, it’s so satisfying. I know there’s a lot of flavours of cotton candy available now but the original tastes best.

In India, cotton candy is called ‘Buddhi ka Baal’ or ‘Old Lady’s Hair’ translated from Hindi. It comes from the fact that a lot of old ladies have hair of that bushy texture although I highly doubt if that generation has pink hair, hehe. Maybe a cotton candy maker in the past came across a grandma with a mop of shocking pink hair and immediately thought that, “Hey, this looks like something I made yesterday!”

And the rest is history. Hehe….

Pink haired grandmas, this one’s for you!

I told ya I’ll be at the Ferris Wheel. Aesthetic, innit?

You spin my head right round, right round when you go down, when you DOWN DOWN….

hehe….Merry-Go-Rounds keep my head spinning right round like a record and I’m all for it. Except this ride was for children under seven years of age and I might be a few years off in that matter. Just a few. Very few.

– A fully functioning(?) adult.


I’m not sure what this ride is officially called so Imma just go ahead and call it the ‘Banana Boat Pendulum’. I absolutely love this one, it’s a mild thrill with adrenaline enough to freshen you up and get you thoroughly energised after a long day of hard work! While I sat on this ride, my mum waited down, telling the operator to slow down cause her daughter was on it.

I’m 19 and I’ve ridden the Space Mountain at Disney, I think I can manage a mild thrill like the one above just fine. My mum still thinks that the only rides worth sitting on are the baby Merry-Go-Rounds, hehe.

There’s no kid in the world who doesn’t love a good trampoline! Especially one with Mickey Mouse on it:)

Here’s another Ferris Wheel, taken after dark. I love the neon shades here, it gives the wheel an animated look and that really brings out the cheerful essence of a fun fair!

No Fun Fair is complete without its stalls. Here’s a stall selling colourful balls and balloons, along with basic necessities such as a torch amongst other things. The Spiderman balloons in the corner are very popular in Pune and can be found on any market street in the city. I used to own one of them a few years back and the craze hasn’t died. Besides, they last very long. I had mine for almost a year!

This is a stall selling metal and glass bangles. My mum and I are both addicted to bangles and a stall with such an arrangement was the right way to our hearts:) I mean, the colours are to die for!

This one is a very unique stall selling all kinds of mouth fresheners and mints. Mouth fresheners are a must in India, especially in restaurants and a lot of people even keep a jar of it at home. Personally, I can’t bear the smell of the fresheners. They use fennel seeds as the main ingredient and that is not a taste or smell that I particularly like. I took this picture solely for its pretty colours, hehe. My parents love it though so like I always say, try it out for yourself cause this blogger has a pretty picky palate.

I do like Tic Tacs tho. Does that count as a mouth freshener?


These are the stalls selling hair accessories and keychains. The keychain store had me spoilt for choice and I literally wanted to buy them all cause I am quite a keychain enthusiast. The hair accessories were lovely too and I got quite variety of fancy clips which reminded me of that part in Pride and Prejudice where the Bennet sisters go shopping for ribbon, hehe.

Here, we’ve got the woodwork stalls selling toys, accessories, clocks and even showpieces made out of wood. Indian craftsmen are quite brilliant at woodwork and these stalls did not disappoint.

This is a ceramics shop outside the fair. It has designs from various parts of the country. I especially love the line of colourful vases, it look so Cubist, hehe….

Finally, here’s the haul from the fairs. The key at the end of the line is a prize that I won for a ball game at the Fair Arcade. The Barbie pouch is so pretty and I’m glad the stationery stall at the fair did good justice to ‘The Princess and the Pop-star’. I also won an orange ball in a ball toss game but my cat took an extreme liking to it, hence it isn’t pictured, hehe. See, I work hard so that my cat can have a good life.

It’s all for the cat or nothing at all.


And that is a wrap,

Until next time!

Auf Wiedersehen:)








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