The Postcard Made of Dreams

The city of Mumbai is associated with many things; Insane rush hour, traffic, big buildings, Bollywood and the list goes on. However, the city of dreams has a beautiful side to it amidst all this madness. In this blog, we’re gonna look at some of the most unique and iconic sights in Mumbai, once upon a dream.

This is the panoramic shot of the Bandra-Worli Sea-Link. It is one of my favourite bridges of all time and I love the adjoining skyline and the tiny silhouettes of boats in the sea. The sun adds a beautiful tint to the overall foggy frame, giving it a very outer space ghost town vibe.

Anyone looking for a missing boot? One that shoe-ts up to the sky?

Hehehe….This is one of the most iconic landmarks in Mumbai. It’s in a place called ‘Hanging Garden’ and the boot is called ‘The Old Lady’s Shoe’ and it’s inspired by the nursery rhyme about the old lady that lived in a shoe. The park has a lot of installations based on childrens’ stories and nursery rhymes and I think that’s a sweet idea. Here’s another picture from the park, featuring a Jungle Book wall:)

It’s kind of hard to get an empty picture of the statues as there’s always people photobombing or children running right in front of the camera but I was lucky to get both the pictures:)

I came across this building while driving through the city and I found it so aesthetic. Mumbai is famous for its skyscrapers but I feel that the city’s vintage vibe is brought out by the older, shorter buildings like this one here. Old houses like this always make me think of hidden stories, lives lived and dreams dreamt and I think that’s beautiful:)

I’m gonna take my horse
To the old town road
I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more.

Hehe. This horse is one of my favourite things in Bombay. It’s called ‘Kala Ghoda’ which literally translates to ‘Black Horse’ and its original location was named after the statue. However the authorities decided to move the horse to a new location so I literally had to comb through the entire city to find it cause I can’t leave Mumbai without seeing it and I came across it by sheer luck while waiting at a traffic signal. Looks like the horse missed me too, hehe. Besides, I love the divine vibe that the sun brings into the picture.

This is legit my favourite picture of Mumbai. It shows the city in its natural form, without any glamour, noise or accessory. It’s simply a scene where the sun’s setting and the vehicles are going about their business and the people are in their own world, either returning from work or winding down by the sea shore. There’s so much beauty in the regular routine and a sunset in its midst is all one could ever ask for:)

And here we have Mumbai’s lifeline, the darling local trains. Honestly, there’s no Mumbai without these babies. It’s the most popular form of transport in the city, even today when we live in the age of self-driving cars and technology. I love the city’s allegiance to it’s trains and riding one is truly an amazing experience. These trains are also called caterpillars cause they resemble them when they speed past on the tracks. This train here feels as though it’s speeding into the sun with the illumination on its front. I was so lucky to get this picture cause these babies are fast but gotta admit, they’re quite the poser, hehe.

Sunsets have this amazing quality of adding an effect of heavenly beauty to anything in its surroundings. This here is a still from the beach, showing part of an unlit skyline at dusk. I love how the sun and sky add so much prettiness to a set of dull buildings and the silhouetted boats just add to the effect.

Now that’s what I called, Sunkissed™.

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